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Financial Accounting questions - Essay Example

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Scenario 1 :H owns 75% of the voting shares of S which in turn owns 40% of the voting shares of S1. H also owns directly 15% of the voting shares of S1.Indirectly, H owes 75% of 40% i.e., 30% of the total voting rights in S1 Company, and directly he owns 15% of the voting rights in S1…
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Financial Accounting questions
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Consolidated Balance Sheet on 1.1.2001 (after acquisition)
Blue Verta Group Note
Property, plant & Eq. 150 120 270
Current assets 108 105 213
Goodwill 66 - 66 1
Investment in Verta 210 - -
Total 549
Capital and Liabilities
Equity Capital of Blue 300 120 300
Retained earnings of Blue 78 60 78
Current Liabilities (90 +45) 90 45 135
Minority interests - 36 2
Total 549

Solutions to problems of Consolidation of Accounts
Question 5

1. Computation of goodwill: Note 1: Blue's investments in Verta Co 90
Less: 60%...
Scenario 3:H owes 60% of voting rights of S which, in turn owns 20% of voting shares of S1. Hence, effectively, H owns 60% of 20% ie 12 % of the voting rights in S1 through indirect holdings. He also owns 20% directly. In Toto, his voting shares are 12 + 20 = 32 % of the total voting shares in S1.
It may be said that, barring other circumstances, H cannot exercise majority holdings in S1 in none of the three scenarios mentioned above, since his holdings are not above 50% of the total voting shares.
The consolidation of accounts arises in the context of holding companies and its subsidiary companies, including acquired holdings and acquisitions of companies by the parent or holding company. The acquired subsidiaries may be independent units having separate product lines and profit centers for the purpose of management accounting and presentation of company accounts. However, since aspects like inter company sales, dividends and profit allocations become necessary, it becomes necessary for the accounts of the subsidiaries to be merged, or consolidated with that of the holding companies in order to present a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Group on the Balance Sheet date.
The reason for consolidation arises because non routine transactions between the holding Company and its acquired subsidiaries need to be smoothened out for stock transfer implications, dividen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Financial Accounting Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 Words.
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