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Ancient Rome - Essay Example

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Most of modern-day civilizations here on earth are perhaps influenced by primitive Rome. This ancient civilization really has its traces of influence in economy, form of government, religion, beliefs and arts. People, works, way of thinking and the likes from this civilization were felt and are still creating an impact on most of the people and places at present.
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Ancient Rome
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Extract of sample "Ancient Rome"

Most of modern-day civilizations here on earth are perhaps influenced by primitive Rome. This ancient civilization really has its traces of influencein economy, form of government, religion, beliefs and arts. People, works, way of thinking and the likes from this civilization were felt and are still creating an impact on most of the people and places at present.
Religion plays a big role in terms of Rome's contribution to the world. Roman Catholicism perhaps is the most and widely embraced religion on earth. During the time of the Roman Empire, one of the most influential and strongest empires that were established, the Pauline Christianity or the Christianity that was propagated and preached by Apostle Paul influenced it. Since then, Rome somewhat created a new sect of Christianity in which became so influential in the world making Rome as the seat and capital of the Roman Catholic religion in the form of Papacy or the Pope who is considered as the leader of this religion. Most of the Popes who were ordained came from Rome and a huge number of them provided influential beliefs and doctrines to modern-day churches in the world today as they were considered as infallible of the believers of this religion. Up to present, doctrines from the papal seat are considered as holy and a decree that must be observed and respected among the members of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide. In fact, Carr (2005) stated, "the infallibility of Pope is not a doctrine that suddenly appeared in Church teaching; rather it is a doctrine which was implicit in the early church." Upon analyzing these, we can comprehend on how powerful the influence of Rome is.
In relation to the religion, Rome also influenced the belief of numerous numbers of people by means of Roman Mythology. Although, many accounts claims that the latter is only inspired by Greek mythology, this belief by the Romans has its uniqueness and is somewhat a guiding light of some in their lives up to date. There are a lot of deities in which the Greeks and the Romans do have in common. However, Roman Mythology should not be taken for granted as the present planets and most of the heavenly bodies in the solar system were named after Roman gods and goddesses.
Secondly, the Republican type of government is formulated by Rome, is one of the widely used systems of government nowadays. The government of Rome during the early years of Roam Empire gave its citizen the power o decide on almost everything by means of voting. Rome once and for all proved that the people and the constituents has the last say in determining affairs that would affect the performance of the government and its covered area. Up to present, the said system of government is used by numerous numbers of countries and still believes that this type of governance is the best way to lead and cater the needs of their constituents.
In the field of arts, Rome has its finest regiment of artists that are influential and considered as priceless gems in architecture, sculpture, painting, and others. The likes of Leonardo da Vinci with his famous painting Mona Lisa, Michael Angelo with his pieta, Raphael, Giotto di Bondone and Donatello are only few of the numerous Roman artists who made a mark in their respective skills and still unmatched by present-day artists. Their works are often regarded as priceless and still distinguished as pendulum of artists in making their own piece. Even though they were gone for a long period of time, their works is a constant reminder on how Rome posses brilliant minds and ideas from the primitive years, far better than the modern world. These artists also showed their careful craftsmanship, as they were not bothered by time in making their piece; Poet Virgil devoted 11 years to finish Aeneid while da Vinci spent almost four years in Mona Lisa. Microsoft Encarta online (1997) described the present day Rome not only as the capital of Italy but also the seat of Roman Catholic Church and international agencies and corporations. If we are to look on such premises stated above, we can analyze how great are the influences and contributions Rome has brought to this world.
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Ancient Rome Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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