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A Portable Printer and Scanner - Assignment Example

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JetLux is an innovative product (improved version of Pentax PocketJet 3) which combines the features of mobile printers, wireless technology and scanners (Pentax 2007). The opportunity is that competitors' products are not appropriate for many types of printing, and the price of their services higher than in comparison with JetLux.
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A Portable Printer and Scanner
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Download file to see previous pages This innovation is occurring through experimentation with new approaches to market development in emerging markets. It is important to reposition this product attracting a wider customer audience often omitted in advertising.
High-tech global consumer positioning works well for special interest products associated with prefessional sphere. Since most mobiel professionasl and students who buy and use high-tech products speak the same language and share the same mindset, marketing communications of JetLux will be informative and emphasize performance-related attributes and features.

The target group for the Pentax PocketJet will be devided into two sub-groups:
people who work at home;
small offices (2-3 people).
A portable printer JetLux not only allows this group to save time, but it helps to reduce spending on calls to the office and having to wait for someone print the documents.
This allows Pentax:
to shift its focus to brand image and price reduction measures.
to maintained high-speed growth.
establish trustworthiness, confidence, and competence for customers.
The Impact of Online and Offline Positioning, and Buyers Respond
The aim of the message is to appeal to consumers' mind with unique selling proposition.
Online and off line promotion will inform potential customers about a new product. This product represents boundless opportunities for marketing campaign within flexible geographical boundaries.
Offline buyers
1. Many customers do not have time to read press or listen to the radio, so in-store
demonstrations will be the main tool to attract new customers.
2. JetLux will be promoted through computer and mobile stores, based on the fact that there is a strong link between the printer and PC businesses.
3. This target group will involve people who have to work outside of the office and need a high quality printing a low price.
4. It is expected that some customers will buy spontaneously influenced by product demonstrations and evident product benefits.
5. Some of the buyers will go online searching for detailed information and product features.
Online buyers
1. The role of Web site is to inform the market clearly and persuasively about the company and its product characteristics.
2. Most buyers are driven by success and brand prestige and brand loyalty. Online buyers value good technology which allows to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Portable Printer and Scanner Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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