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Analysis of eBay ECommerce Models and Applications - Essay Example

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All business activities conducted across the internet are included in E-commerce. It includes E-tailing, B2B, intranets and extranets, online advertising etc. E-commerce also known as Electronic Commerce or EC acts as a market on internet, where people buy and sell their products and services…
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Analysis of eBay ECommerce Models and Applications
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Download file to see previous pages It is used to evaluate the historical keys to victory and failure and modern progress. It identifies and assembles a commerce-enabled store website and observes what is considered necessary both to develop and sustain the conception store. It also studies suitable approaches and technologies for creating a flourishing e-shop business. It judges the suggestion of mobility on e-business value chains.
From now on, you will be grateful for that 'e-commerce' is a rapid developing spot of both practice and research. A large amount of what you read will use the terms e-business model(s) and e-commerce model(s) interchangeably. The clarification that tracks makes a wide difference between the two.
e-business model is a 'structure' for organizing e-businesses in terms of planned business objectives, and e-commerce model is a scheme for commerce, processes that give details, in familiar terms, where the supplies and capital flow.
Companies are taking the little risk path. They are utilizing the source of internet for doing business on the same old strategies to attain lower cost expenses. The main risk is that e-commerce grows as an island in the customary business and the increasing gap between the two could compromise the entire business.
The sites on internet are emerging as new market places for people. ...
Fundamentally the business on internet is divided in to three areas, Business to business (also known as B2B), Business to consumer (also referred as B2C) and consumer to consumer (i.e. C2C). a famous domain which sells books over the world wide internet which sells books over the Internet, is an example of a B2C E-commerce initiative where the company gets in touch with its consumers directly. This is equivalent to the direct selling concept popularized by companies such as Amway. The only difference is that the selling is done via the Net. On the other hand, and (which deal with chemicals) are B2B E-commerce initiatives that bring two firms together on the virtual market place.
One of the ideal examples of the sites including all these features is "eBay." It is a small world of internet and trade itself and has developed as an important business model for e-commerce.
When eBay first started on, the site instantly turned out to be a well-liked channel for auctioning figurines, but it soon merged into other markets as it was a part of them such as automobiles, business and industrial tools, and customer electronics, where the average sales price (ASP) is higher. Increasing the ASP was a dangerous component of increasing sales for eBay, as eBay's contract fees are based on a percentage of sales. The higher the ASP, the more money eBay earns on each of the million transactions it assists.
EBay has found and internationalized computerized online person-to-person auctioning. Formerly, such commerce was carried out through garage sales, collectibles shows, flea markets, and classified advertisements. An online marketplace helps easy checking for buyers and permits sellers to record an item for sale within minutes of registering. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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