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Strategic Planning and Implementation - Case Study Example

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Planning and management can lead to an increased ability of state and local government managers to evaluate, select, and implement alternative approaches to the financing and delivery of needed public services. Such application of strategic planning, thinking, and management-drawing upon the vast resources of a variety of organizations and institutions-can have significant positive effects on the efficiency of state and local government, the improvement and simplification of selected service delivery functions, and the financial viability of individual agencies and jurisdictions.
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Strategic Planning and Implementation
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Extract of sample "Strategic Planning and Implementation"

Download file to see previous pages Today, Gillette is a business unit of global corporation, Proctor and Gambler. Its global expansion was rapid during the first twenty years of Gillette's existence, with offices and plants opened in a multitude of countries around the world. It was, however, the American entry into World War I that propelled even more rapid growth when the army issued Gillette razors and blades to all military personnel. Gillette was essentially a single-line product company until the 1940s when the Toni Company was acquired. A third major line of products was added to the company in the early 1950s by the acquisition of the Papermate company. Its major product was a marketleading refillable ballpoint pen. Today, Gillette is the largest dollar value marketer of writing instruments in the world with Papermate, Waterman, Parker and Flair among its brand franchises (Gillette Company Home Page 2008)
In Gillette, corporate strategy, regardless of how elegantly conceived, how comprehensive its scope, or how forward-looking its thrust, does not provide competitive advantage until it is communicated, understood, valued and acted upon by a variety of key corporate stakeholders. The main criteria for stakeholder participation are that employees must understand, accept and internalize corporate strategy if the strategic blueprint is to be transformed into positive strategic results (Clegg et al 2005). Suppliers, strategic partners and customers must have a basic understanding and appreciation of the firm's strategic direction if these stakeholder relationships are to flourish and be productive. Only when the corporate strategy message is communicated in a clear, concise, timely and persuasive manner to key corporate stakeholders does the firm have an opportunity to achieve competitive advantage (Amit & Schoemaker 1993).
Key Criteria for Strategy Reviewing
In Gillette, the key criteria for strategy reviewing are current performance and new strategic objectives, competition in the industry and market changes (demographic and income) (Clegg et al 2005). Gillette management understands that the strategy must embody a strategic view of the future and a plan designed to achieve strategic goals and objectives. The strategic vision must be responsive to emerging opportunities and sensitive to the internal strengths of the company. As the multinational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Germany economy is the largest in Europe. It has been badly impacted by the recent economic downturn, and so being operated in this economy, the company also got the hit. This was the economic force which affected the operation in a great way.
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For semi-detached or detached house the volume of the extension is less than 70m3 or 15 percent of the volume of the original building whichever is the greater subject - with an absolute limit of 115m3.” [1]

Though apparently the extension pertains to none of the above cases yet the purpose of the extension if renewed and renovated it may not at all require the Building Regulation’s approval and obtain a retrospective Building Regulation consent for the extension from the Local Authority. When the house converted to a terraced house the extension’s construction becomes perfectly legal considering it is less than 50 cc or 10% of the volume of the original building as cited above. Poles are bored to crea...
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A typical construction project involves a WBS that evolves from an initial task that is successively subdivided into smaller work blocks until the lowest level is reached, indicating a tree-like structure. Subdividing the project breaks down the project work effort into packages that are both manageable and independent. It connotes that the lowest level of the package corresponds to the smallest project work, which requires the shortest completion time periods. As WBS shows the relationship of all elements of a project, a sound basis for cost and schedule control is provided.

Some lists of project activities involved in WBS include budgeting, cost allocation, time allocation and management, and quality assurance. These...
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There are about 1500 primary care dentists who are working on a salaried basis with the NHS, in most cases employed by primary care trusts. This group of individuals was a part of the local government earlier but in 1974, they were transferred into the NHS. (Personnel Today, 2007). Starting from the year 1997 onwards, the U.K. Department for Education and Employment had allowed for additional funding of $7.2 million to ensure that medical schools are able to pay clinical academia staff the awards that have been recommended for doctors and dentists in the NHS, by the Doctors and Dentists Review Body (Beecham, 1996). This move was initiated to introduce pay parity because university employers found it difficult to pay the 3.8% incre...
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To cash in on the brand image achieved through the success of the ‘Bliss’ range of a hair care products, by positioning the new product range as affordable while being gentle and versatile and target the already favorable market segment of the ‘Bliss’ range.
MD inc. has already been in the beauty and personal care sector and has a successful product range named ‘Bliss’ under its kitty. The new market that is the Electrical hair care appliances market is potentially a high growth area. Though the current growth rate is slow, the future trends indicate that with appropriate marketing strategy and positioning, the market and the companies in this sector can grow at a higher rate.
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Both, Performance-related pay (PRP), as well as  Payment by Results (PBR), are based on the notion that if a worker can vary output by increasing his efforts, the hope of increased pay will lead him to perform his best. Both methods can be applied to an individual as well as a group level. Below is a critical comparison of the two:
Defined in simplest of terms, payment by results can be defined as the scheme of paying incentives in which, the bonus or the variable portion of the payment will be dependent on measurable values of outputs, within studied time limits.

Advantages: The primary advantage of this scheme is the inducement and motivation of workers for higher efficiency and great output. It is better th...
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Project planning involves a lot of factors and areas that we need to address for the effective management and handling of the project. The aim of this report is to provide a deep insight into some of the main areas that we need to address for the project of Adams's family farmhouse renovation. These issues are project team communication, project risk management, and deadline handling. Effective communication in a project provides a huge advantage regarding the better working and handling of the project. I have selected a very significant project regarding the preservation of the old and historical places. Here we require effective communication to provide better interaction among the designer, developers, and history preservation...
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