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Comparison of eastern philosphies confucianism and daoism - Essay Example

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Confucianism emphasizes conversion of abstract knowledge and cultivating attitudes with ethical self reflection through principled practices to ensure correct moral conduct. This is also said to develop appropriate social values. Confucian followers are concerned with the happenings in the World and the spirit of concern is central to the philosophy…
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Comparison of eastern philosphies confucianism and daoism
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Download file to see previous pages This is achieved through a series of rituals.
The key concepts in the philosophy are five, Ren or humanism which is the basic attribute followed by justice, wisdom, faithfulness and ritual action. Rituals are required for developing a just society and in turn contribute to being a humane person. The philosophy accepts natural proclivities of humans and thus a need is felt to cultivate appropriate practices through rituals. There is also due consideration for physical conduct which is affected by emotions, passions and desires for cultivating the mind. Thus there is a need for reflection and study to nurture the philosophical contemplation required of the follower of Confucianism which in turn develops public spirit.
Dao is the road, the path, the way. Daoism is a holistic view of life which does not foster practices to influence forces of reality and reorder life, which is seen in Confucianism. Daoism deems that ritualistic practice disturbs the natural flow. Daoism instead emphasizes on practice and developing experience. Change is reality and there is thus no need to reorder it. However this does not entail a philosophy of nothingness. It only implies that there should be no disturbance of nature by humans and natural actions should allow transformation through effortless activation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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