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Recent decades, white collar crime has become one of the typical offences among employees. Law officers and criminologists use biological and psychological theories to explain roots and causes of white collar crime. In general, this criminal activity is influenced by diverse social factors and reflects social situation in a particular country (Friedrichs, 2006)…
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Download file to see previous pages Biological influences on white collar crime are evident in sex differences between males and females. Sex of a person makes it possible to experience various life consequences. The belief that females, who are supposedly physically more weak, are mistreated more often is also inaccurate. Aside from rape, the only individual crime for which women are victimized more than men is robbery with contact. Men are twice as likely to be the victim of an assault or a robbery and 50 percent more likely to experience some crime of theft. Men are also the victims of strangers more than females (Friedrichs, 2006). Therefore, the idea that physically weaker people constantly fall prey to the criminal has no foundation in fact. Neither females nor older people are particularly prone to white collar crime. But, the lifestyles of these community groups may explain this fact better than their actual vulnerability to criminals. The advantage of this theory is that it explains roots of white collar crime, thus it does not take into account motivational factors and personal intentions of a criminal.
Human biology and genetics are the two personal attributes most closely tied to antisocial behavior. Heredity and race are also related. ...
ore frequently victims of white collar crime than others, while whites experience property crimes at higher rates than other ethnic and racial groups. For white collar crime, robbery accounts for the higher rate experienced by blacks (Friedrichs, 2006). It is still difficult to define the motivations of women when they commit their white-collar crimes at the workplace. But I am personally apt to think that if women have obtained such top positions at their companies - white-collar positions, they can hardly commit their crimes being motivated by poverty (according to economic marginalization thesis). Women rather try to cash in, in different ways, on their top-level positions. Thus, here opportunity thesis and sometimes, masculinity thesis can be more applicable in order to explain the motivation. As well, criminological theory states that opportunity is a more intense motivation for committing white-collar crimes. According to this theory, people who have achieved a lot on their lives and have satisfied their needs as a result will need more goods to exchange with others, but not to use. Thus, this need for more possessions (or greed) can make people break the law and perpetrate crimes to receive what they want.
Psychological predisposition may lead to antisocial inclinations and increase a possibility of criminal behavior patterns. The cultural ties associated with family income, race, and ethnicity also affect with whom one associates and the places of those associations. Housing, transportation, privacy, and leisure-time factors are related to income as well as to racial and ethnic segregation (Sutherland and Cressey 2001). To the extent that white collar crime varies according to place and event, individuals from different income levels and racial and ethnic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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