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Reflective writing#2 - Essay Example

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There's a famous quote that says that people should not have regrets in their lives. I partly believe that this is true, although in addition to that, I also believe that sometimes, we really cannot help it. Sometimes, there are just things that we do, not knowing, or caring, that we'll regret them in the end.
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Reflective writing#2
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Download file to see previous pages During that time, I knew that she wrote the name of her crush at the back of her Bible. It was also during that time that I did something unforgivable to her as her best friend. What I did was I went and opened my big, attention-deficient mouth and told our classmates that my best friend wrote the name of her crush at the back of her Bible. And since we were in elementary then, it was only natural that my classmates would be curious about the identity of that person. They all started borrowing her Bible just to see the name written at the back. At first, she didn't know why people started borrowing her Bible. Eventually, though, she did find out the reason. Needless to say, my best friend got very angry at me, then. It was the first time that a friend, a best friend, of mine got that angry at me. She didn't talk to me for a long time, even after I apologized, and I didn't know what to do since I knew I was the one at fault. But after some time, though, I think she forgave me. We were on speaking terms again, but our relationship was never the same. I had a harder time relating to her because I always thought that she was still mad at me. My guilt, even when I was that young, ate me alive.
That memory is one of my most unforgettable ones and, until now, serves as the setting in which I learned two lessons which for me are very important. The first is being careful of what I allow to get out of my mouth and the second is the importance of a best friend.
One who reads this might wonder how it is possible for an elementary kid to learn such seemingly grown-up truths. Actually, I would have to admit that I didn't really realize those two until the latter part of my high school years. I'm not saying that it is impossible for a 3rd grader to realize something like that, either. In contrast, I think it is young children that are most able to believe in friendship and its importance.
But going back, the first lesson that I learned, which is being careful of the things I say, is something I realized recently that I have to take more seriously again. Sure, ever since that time, I have been careful to keep my mouth shut, especially with secrets. But recently, I noticed that I've been partially going back to my old ways, which is getting attention by giving information. You know, you say things that would interest people so that you can keep their attention. Also, I have started to say semi-mean things to people as a joke. It might not seem to affect them, but I know that such words do have an effect on them. Who knows, they might dismiss the words now, but in the future, when a time comes when they're feeling down or depressed, the words I uttered might come back to haunt them. The mind, after all, is one huge storage database.
It is not just an issue of karma which people say goes around, nor is it a case of reaping what one sows, although, now that I think about it, it may be a bit of the latter. But being careful of what I say is one of the ways I can help, build up or destroy the people around me. As I heard somewhere, words are powerful. Actually, the mouth with its words is probably the one most capable of inflicting a wound that would take years to heal. I remember an instance years ago when my father left to go with my mom to her hometown. While he was gone, his brother went by our house to visit. I've already forgotten ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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