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Living in Dorms - Essay Example

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AA249.docThe SIMMONS HALL building in Cambridge, Massachusetts is an extension of MIT dormitory. It is an extension to the existing infrastructure of the MIT campus and will make it one of the most advanced university premise of the world.
This project started in 1998 as a response to a certain number of events including the incident with the freshman in 1997 at the MIT fraternity…
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Living in Dorms
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Download file to see previous pages Just like a metropolitan city, the dorm has its own network of corridors, individual (single) rooms, a 125 seat theater, a 24 hour coffee station, a fitness centre and a dining room with open-air seating. The rooms have been specially designed to be properly ventilated and create a peasant environment in the room so that the student can comfortably focus his complete attention towards his studies without any disturbance. Dormitory is not only a place for students to live in but also a place to learn how to live. There are many activities such as sports, singing competition, celebration for festivals, and gatherings customized for dormitory students to learn as well as to enjoy their dormitory life. Not only is the dormitory a place where students stay and study, it is also a positive environment where students integrate their intellectual, social and emotional development and inspire one another in their learning and research through social activities.
Students coming from all corners of the world, their life at MIT, including residential life, social life, extracurricular activities, et cetera, is as important a part of the educational experience as class-work. ...
The more people you interact with, and the more diverse that set of people is, the more you will learn. What the students wants is a lifestyle in which they can do their studies while carrying on their other activities simultaneously, else they loose focus on either of the fields. Recommendation regarding this aspect include that MIT should focus more of its resources towards supporting "community" housing, student life activities, social events, athletics, recreation; the types of things that allow people to interact and help make students and faculty feel that they are part of a larger community of scholars. It is within these informal settings that some of the best learning occurs at MIT. This required integrating the separate elements bringing together people from different living groups, and most importantly, bringing together faculty, students, and staff. That's why the 'Founders Group' of the dorm that was formed included both faculty as well as students. Residential life activities ideally should be controlled by the students who live in the dorm, using house taxes and elected governments to control their own programs. This teaches the students how to manage themselves, their expenses, events, activities and fellow-beings. The idea behind this was to encourage and measure students' ability to work together as a group, to make decisions for themselves, and to take leadership as a key element of the community education.
Freshmen-on-campus decision was extremely opposed by many of the students, feeling that it was an attempt by the administration to take away students' very freedom and bring them under closer oversight and control by the administration. The student saw it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Living in Dorms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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