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'Lucky', written by Alice Sebold is a very brutally descriptive piece of writing; more so because it is an autobiography of the author. It is a book that delves into the sensitive, since it is an account of a brutal rape that is described in the initial stages of the novel…
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Lucky by Alice Sebold
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R.Preeti 16/4/2008 LUCKY 'Lucky', written by Alice Sebold is a very brutally descriptive piece of writing; more so because it is an autobiography of the author. It is a book that delves into the sensitive, since it is an account of a brutal rape that is described in the initial stages of the novel. It later goes on to take the reader along the healing process and the recovery of the rape victim.
The novel revolves around a white American teenager, who gets caught up in a series of events. Set in northeastern America in Syracuse, the story certainly is one that touches and troubles the readers, out of sheer pity and empathy.
A subject of great sensitivity is rendered justice since it is an autobiography. The rape took place in 1981 and while this is certainly a horrifying account, the entire novel unfolds into an amazing display of strength and vitality, healing and betterment, amidst troubles and trauma.
The author's confrontation with parents, friends and the society at large is explicitly drawn out and is picturesquely portrayed by the author of the autobiography. Written in first person mostly, the novel also delves into the intricacies of the feelings and emotional turmoil the rape victim undergoes. The book is inclusive of passages that contain sexual content. While it is certainly not for the sake of titillation or for the sake of just adding it. It is a genuine and significant part of the novel.
The sense of humour or the comic element is rather dry and cynical, as expected out of an autobiography that portrays something as grave as a rape incident and the victim's recuperation there after. The book does not really delve in philosophy, though it sometimes hints at certain philosophical ideas.
Ultimately, the novel is a triumph---as it epitomizes the author's triumph over the testing times and helps her arise above them. The novel celebrates the success of life, over traumas and failures, which lead to success and vitality in the end.
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Lucky by Alice Sebold Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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