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Ethical Issues of companies - Essay Example

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A1) Whistle-blowing would have been an easier option, but looking at the ethical framework it is not the right thing to do. By whistle blowing, I would be putting the jobs of the factory foremen in jeopardy against a little advantage of bringing the issue to the knowledge of people…
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Ethical Issues of companies
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Download file to see previous pages In simple words, there is more harm than gain from whistle-blowing in the current setting. As a result, this action is wrong under the utilitarianism framework. This framework states that only those actions should be taken which gives greater good to the society than the costs. In this case, there are more costs associated with the action than the benefits and hence I should be passive and let how things move on until I decide to whistle blow, which is not an option at the moment. If we look at the risks associated with whistle blowing, they are loss of jobs for employees, company's reputation at stake, my job in jeopardy and the chance that the company may lose market share against the major competitor. The gains from the action will be people would be aware about Delectable's nonexistent quality control and this can lead them into making a better choice. However, weighing the two options, one feels that there are greater risks than gains and hence I should not whistle blow.
A2) the attitude of workers is purely materialistic at the moment. They are paid on piece rate and hence they want to produce as much goods as possible while ignoring the quality of what they manufacture. The policy of quality control won't be effective in the current company's culture as workers are just trying to make more goods as they are paid on the basis of how much they produce and because quality control may hinder the speed of their work, the policy won't be as effective as it will be in other settings. There are a lot of issues that the management needs to readdress looking at the attitudes of workers and supervisors on the factory floor. First of all, the management needs to incorporate in people that the workers should respect the people from higher level of hierarchy instead of blocking their work. This can be done by the management by showing them their authority and by firing those people who do not cooperate with the top brass. The main pressure is that the workers are not willing to cooperate and the situation can only improve if either the authority is delegated to the quality control department or the management itself fires or threaten people who are hindering the efforts of the quality control department.
The government and state faced a major challenge in the form of underfunding to deal with the health and safety issue. There is hardly any possibility that the current staff of 60 can see 16000 food businesses in Georgia. Similarly, Delectable employs thousands of people and government will be threatened to take any action against the company as it would mean loss of jobs and unemployment. However, government can counter the problem by staffing more people in order to keep check and balance on most of the businesses in the state. The government should try to encourage people and organizations to fund FDA by telling them it would improve the general condition of the food businesses in the country and ensure that their offerings are hygienic and comply with quality and control standards. Government can also encourage the businesses to act in a socially responsible way. This can be done by giving tax holidays to company where there is no quality cases recorded reported against the company. The government can also levy stricter rules on food businesses which could levy harsh penalties on these business and can ask them disclose the quality and contr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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