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Double standard for sexual relations - Essay Example

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This fact is clearly manifested in the perception of my own school mates regarding some important issues. To illustrate my case, suppose someone is known to have slept with twenty people. It is irrefutable that people's reaction with the sexual experiences will significantly depend one thing-gender…
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Double standard for sexual relations
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Download file to see previous pages A girl with the same sexual experience will surely become subject to ridicule and disrespect. Guys will take advantage of her, use her, and try to get her to bed. She will have a hard time having girlfriends as she will surely be avoided and despised out of disgust. She will surely become the talk of the school and will be labeled as a "slut." The stud-slut system is but one of the various manifestations of sexual double standard in the society where we live.
Men are not exempt from the injustice of double standards. Having friends from the opposite sex during a relationship is also subject to the sexuality of who's making friends with whom. Girls will always tend to justify their relationships with other guys since they are known to be "always in control of their emotions" and are "able to separate boyfriends from boy friends." The situation is a lot more different when guys are concerned. A man who has a close friend while in a relationship is always confronted and accused of dishonorable things especially unfaithfulness. He may even be charged for keeping that special friend in times of "loneliness."
With these experiences, it is apparent that double standard has become a bitter fact of life. It is one of the things which I need to live with. However, I am totally against sexual double standards. ...
Double standard greatly violates one tenet of justice known as impartiality-the principle that "same standards be applied to all people, without regard to subjective bias or favoritism." I believe that the existence of double standard clearly implies the toleration of discrimination, unfairness, inequality, and prejudice. Thus, in order to promote justice in the society, double standard should be eliminated. I strongly support that men and women should have a fair playing field where each one receives equal reaction and recognition of what they "do" and not of what they "are."
The widespread double standard in our society is warranted by various justifications. Most individuals have already taken the existence of double standard for granted arguing that sexual double standard is natural and that's the way things should be. Society has readily accepted that some things are naturally "men's" things while some are "women's." A good example of this is the widespread perception that men are polygamous, allowing them to sleep around even if they are in a relationship while women are expected to be faithful to their respective husbands. However, viewing that the existence of double standard as natural is also another way of accepting that prejudice and injustice are natural phenomena.
The above illustrations of double standard emphasizes the fact that double standard tolerates misbehavior of one gender using "human nature" as a cover up. In our society, infidelity is perceived to be acceptable only when committed by the male population. The argument here is that, misbehavior should be totally reprimanded and eradicated as it destructs and endangers the morality of the whole community. I am filled with disgust just thinking about the number of families being shattered by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Double Standard for Sexual Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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