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However, the challenge to enlist an individual in the army is a task requiring extra scrutiny and effort for the following reasons: "First of all, not everyone wants to join the Army. Second, not everyone meets the physical and mental standards needed in the Army…
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How to become a successful army recruiter
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How to Become Running Head: How to Become a Successful Army Recruiter May, 2008 How to Become 2 I. Goals - to be able to successfully put 2 people in the army every month.
II. Challenges - time-create different techniques/methods- lead by example.
III. 3 ways and means to overcome challenges.
The goal to successfully recruit two people in the army every month seems easy.
However, the challenge to enlist an individual in the army is a task requiring extra scrutiny and effort for the following reasons: "First of all, not everyone wants to join the Army. Second, not everyone meets the physical and mental standards needed in the Army. Third, the Army must compete against the other Armed Services in the recruiting business. Finally, the interests of individuals must be matched with the skills and specialties needed in the Army." ("US Army Recruiter Duty Description"). Therefore, to combat such complex requirement there is a need to "sell the Army on a person-to person levelcontact prospective enlistees and sell the Army. In many cases, an individual will have reasons for not wanting to enlist. You will need to use selling techniques, along with your knowledge of Army enlistment programs to persuade the individual that the Army can meet their personal needs. It may also be necessary for you to persuade an individual that the Army can meet their needs better than any of the other Armed Services. Additionally, you must match the individual's interests with career management fields needed by the Army. Most importantly, you will have to promote the Army with enthusiasm and recruit with integrity. ." ("US Army Recruiter Duty Description"). It is apparent that the Army recruiter has the most significant mission contributing to the success of the organization to enlist the appropriate soldier.
Enlisting two candidates every month appears to be an insignificant number. However the greater task amongst hundreds of possible applicants is finding the most fitting, one with outstanding characteristics to meet the mission of the organization. To obtain the number of applicants, the army recruiter is suggested to visit universities to look at possible candidates then invite all interested applicants for screening which is the traditional method of recruitment. There is however, an advanced method in recruitment. Technology has in many ways provided the society much convenience and schemes to do things quickly. The advent of the internet is a true relief for recruitment in the army. The internet has made awareness campaign for recruitment a lot easier to carry out. The Army has not been behind such advancement. ", the service's 7-year-old online recruiting site, has become so successful at producing recruitment "leads," or seriously interested applicants, that its developers are planning to add the kind of revolutionary technologies that other divisions of the federal government have yet to even consider." (Browning, Graeme). From the stream of applicants, the recruiter proceeds to the screening. Screening is the critical part of recruitment and the most challenging part in the mission of an army recruiter. However, such a screening can also be done with the help of technology. Online application narrows down to the number of individuals required for enlistment every month, signing up the most
How to Become 3
appropriate applicant. The great challenge for an army recruiter is to "accomplish its important mission of providing the strength for the Army" ("US Army Recruiter Duty Description") with a deadline to beat. Technology is indeed a rescue to such an important mission with an urgent demand. Accordingly, "in January 2001, for example, visits to the Web site are up 126 percent, and Web-produced leads are up 76 percent, according to Capt. David Connolly at the U.S. Army Recruiting Command at Fort Knox, Ky. The number of visitors to the site's RecruiterChat, an online chat room feature added to the site in 1999, has increased from about 3,600 in January 2000 to more than 27,500 in January 2002. RecruiterChat boasts a conversion rate - the percentage of chat room visitors who eventually sign an enlistment contract - of 10 percent, Connolly said." (Browning, Graeme). It is by no means from the reported statistics of online recruitment that it is most efficient to hit the challenge of enlisting 2 qualified Army soldiers at a given timeframe.
Time is a valuable element in the army. For army recruitment, time is a challenge to beat. With such a challenge, technology becomes a friend to army recruiters. One way to acquire candidates is to launch an awareness campaign to an immense public through the use of the web. There is simply no better way to encourage and connect with possible candidates but through the internet due to the considerable fact that most people if not all have access to the world wide web. Second method is to make available application forms online to speed up applications of interested parties. Another method is to create a chat room whereby a group of recruiters will be able to directly connect with possible applicants and subsequently get hold of these candidates.
With the formulated advanced techniques/methods making maximum use of technology, success is indeed an expected conclusion. The internet is the quick path to become a successful Army recruiter.
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