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Vampires: The desire for family, sex and relationships - Essay Example

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'Drawing on several feminist and anti-racist theorists, I use the trope of the vampire to unravel how whiteness, maleness, and heterosexuality feed on the same set of disavowals-of the body, of the Other, of fluidity, of dependency itself…
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Vampires: The desire for family, sex and relationships
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Download file to see previous pages culture. "philosophizing was always a kind of vampirism" --Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science There is a recurring dream, a nightmare, in the unconscious of these white United States. It is a dream of passion, violence, transgression, invasion--and all the perverse titillation that these bring. It is also a dream of power, violation and purity, of strict and rigid and obsessive fascination with boundaries. It frightens, infuriates, traps or protects us according to the bodies and subject positions we inhabit within this cultural symbolic. Stirring the worst anxieties of some of the nastiest parts of U.S. history, it is a nightmare rarely mentioned but always circulating, rarely noticed but always present. It boils and bubbles just below the surface, silently but perpetually, shaping that surface without itself surfacing. The nightmare is the scene of the black rapist, particularly of the black male raping a white girl. It is the nightmare that convicts Bigger Thomas, the alleged black rapist of Richard Wright's Native Son (1940)..'(1)

What has America grown to becomeit has become the monster of its own children's invention who divide under the supervision of its parents into blacks and whites,the differences between which is what God would see to be in the night and day,as if day was made for the white people and black designates the black people who live in the shadows and when appear in the light have no right but to be punished publicly and in a bulling manner when acting towards people of the opposite side of the sun(the sunlight and shadow of the sunlight's contrasts),such as the contracts between the sons and daughters of nature and the anger there is for being black or white,ugly or beautiful,fortunate for this being of theirs or being unfortunate and thus being dealt in a form which is so defeating the soul and bringing it to blow itself out of the bandages the society it lives in to rip and untie its knots from its mind and heart and run and scream wildly in its actions to try to prove itself to those who are so nave or unable to see beyond their eyes and into the insights of others except through what they see visually and mentally with their hearts from what others show of anger and hatred towards them for something they have no hand in being(such as color which also signifies race).

Culture is what we believe in which is unable to meet what we desire mostly because we wish it to be better but could not transgress or go beyond unless by belonging in way of thinking to the other race thus unify with the other's identity but lose ours in return and our characters as men or women,black or white,kind or unkind according to what we want to do to be loved or to be respected or to be wanted by the other sex and race. This is the catastrophe of the novel:how a black second coming of Yeats comes to rise in the rape of a white woman by a black man which signifies the uproar in the culture of African Americans who want to see and show what it is to be African and believe in the American dream as 'fit for everyone who is a citizen in the united states either by heritage or by being someone who has contributed to its history',even if this is untrue as many of the African American stories of glory in America are undone and shadowed since it is a 'white man's history which contributes the history of the world of the white race,especially that such a history refers to the history of the being of the white man who has become glorified by what they have done for the country ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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