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Jasmine Tea by Eileen Chang - Book Report/Review Example

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Eileen Chang explores the various forms of love in her short story "Jasmine Tea." The hero of the story is a troubled young man who has been denied a loving family environment since the death of his mother at a young age. Due to the severity of his upbringing, Chuanqing appears incapable of loving another human being and acts as though he is emotionally dead…
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Jasmine Tea by Eileen Chang
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Extract of sample "Jasmine Tea by Eileen Chang"

Download file to see previous pages Although Chuanqing asserts that he is emotionally unattached to the world, his interactions with Danzhu demonstrate that he is painfully aware of and desirous of finding love.
At the first interaction between Danzhu and Chuanqing, his curt and rude behavior towards the girl is puzzling. Most young men would be honored to have the interest of such a popular and well-liked girl but Chuanqing does not want anything to do with Danzhu. After a glimpse at his home life, it becomes clear that love is noticeably absent from Chuanqing's life. He becomes obsessed with the idea he could have been the professor's son and lived a life similar to Danzhu's. The young man is convinced that his life would have been one filled with happiness and kindly father love, in sharp contrast to the resentment and maltreatment of his biological father. From this point on, his attitude towards the young woman becomes increasingly bitter and filled with resentment. To him, Danzhu's mere existence is a constant and painful reminder that she has the home life he so desperately wants and cannot have. His resentment soon turns to hatred that is fueled by his jealousy of her existence. This hatred affects not only his schoolwork, but also his entire demeanor by making him even more introverted and cantankerous towards his peers and family.
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Jasmine Tea by Eileen Chang Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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