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Nonprofit organizations today are a huge sector in the United States that now includes thousands of different kinds of organizations. There are approximately 1.6 million of them and this includes 1.2 million that are charitable. Charitable organizations in this country grew 5.1 per cent over the last 10 years…
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Benefits of Partnerships with Nonprofits
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Download file to see previous pages Public Administration in partnership with these entities can only assure a gain on both sides. Having both at the board table can only improve and extend the services presently being rendered to the public (Carroll, 1989). Collaboration is one of the things that have been missing over the last 30 years in the development of Public Administration and that collaboration can build strong interrelated teams for a better public trust.
The world of the non-profit has continued to expand over the last 30 years. Public Administrations expected responsibilities have also expanded. Traditionally the two groups have worked alone, even being in competition with each other at times. This causes a lack of collaboration and less than adequate use of funds on both sides. Funds, under today's circumstances, are not increasing and neither is the public's trust of how funds are being used (Butz, 2009). The building of partnerships between Public Administration and the non-profits may be the answer to how we manage better use of funds available for the better of the public. We will discuss how non-profit and Public Administration is presently working and what a partnership may accomplish.
Nonprofits today are very inter-related with communities and it is sometimes difficult to understand what their impact on the community truly is. They support local economies through employment as well as collection of needed funding. There is usually a great deal of public trust and funds throughout the community are collected through various methods to permit these to function. Grants frequently support large numbers of them and with each of these grants comes accountability that is often difficult to achieve. On the same note Public Administration has a great deal of engagement in the public good and how and what areas are funded in a community. Community housing becomes an extreme need for both sides and therefore is an important consideration for the possibility of a partnership.
At this time, the community at large may see both Public Administration and the not-profit housing industry as repetitive (Jennings, 2005) as well as somewhat competitive. There are many concerns that there is a great deal of redundancy as these agencies depend on volunteered funds, government funding and foundation funding alike. Would it be more efficient for Public Administration to be involved in a partnership here to decrease gaps in services as well as gaps in skills necessary to provide these services (Jennings, 2005) Recently because of the thought that redundancy is happening, there has been a decrease in overall confidence in nonprofit organizations in some states that are handling the housing piece. This might be remedied by having some administrative duties being provided by public administration. This might also help to close the gap of government funding in the social sector, increasing the funding that both have available to do their work.
Public Administration can help the public with experience in building the capacity of the local ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Benefits of Partnerships With Nonprofits Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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