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In the scenario outlined in the textbook, question 55, the cashier at Easy Company was able to divert $500 from the company to his personal use. The example showed a situation where there were almost no controls in place. By instituting controls at several points in the system, Company A could have prevented this type of embezzlement.
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Internal Control
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Internal Control In the scenario outlined in the textbook, question 55, the cashier at Easy Company was ableto divert $500 from the company to his personal use. The example showed a situation where there were almost no controls in place. By instituting controls at several points in the system, Company A could have prevented this type of embezzlement.
The first place that Company A should institute a control is at the point where the checks are mailed to someone other than the person handling the account. If this control had been in place, the cashier would not have been able to write himself the check. The $500 check would have had to be mailed to someone other than the cashier. In addition to the cashier being unable to write a check to himself, the checks should have been kept under lock and key. This would require another person to authorize the writing of a check.
The ability of the cashier to deposit a check into petty cash would have been avoided by the use of an imprest account. That would have required the petty cash fund to be replenished through a voucher system. The cashier would not have been able to make a deposit without the cooperation of another individual. All petty cash payments and deposits are then accounted for.
The situation also could have been avoided by segregating the duties of the payment from the petty cash fund and the deposit into the fund. This again would limit the ability of the cashier to make the fund appear reconciled by the diversion of other funding. In addition, the bank reconciliation should be accomplished by someone other than the person writing the checks. The cashier was able to falsify the reconciliation to cover the movement of the funds. If an independent individual had done the reconciliation, his crime would have been prevented.
The cashier should also not have been allowed to alter the invoice that was sent to Customer A that reflected the $500 payment. Here again, the cashier had access to the incoming payments as well as the customer invoice. It would be important to limit the duties of the cashier and place a barrier between the payments received and the accounts receivable. Finally, the Easy Company needs to have a policy of conducting random checks on cash accounts. This would have given the Company an opportunity to find the diverted funds and uncover the crime.
Internal controls on cash accounts can limit any one employee from diverting funds for their personal use. Limiting an employee's duties to either payment or deposit is mandatory. Involving more than one individual in the management of an account is also needed. The system of internal controls centers around involving multiple individuals, each with limited duties. It is then the responsibility of the company to conduct independent, random audits.

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