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Multicultural psychology - Essay Example

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For a substantial segment of the world's population, these are very dangerous times. With the collapse of the Soviet Union and its satellite communist countries, western democracies and their defense departments turned elsewhere for a villain that could be easily demonized…
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Multicultural psychology
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Download file to see previous pages The recent film Syriana is perhaps the first mainstream American film to deal with Muslim culture in a three-dimensional manner. Despite this-or perhaps because of this-the film has been attacked by those on the right wing.
Syriana is a multi-layered story that delineates the complexity of the global energy business and how it is affected both by western politics and religious faith. The backlash against the film by conservatives and big-business proponents probably has mostly to do with the painting of the American government as being far more interested in profits than democratic ideals. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the complaints against the film is that very little has been made about the utter humanization of the Muslim characters. The Muslim culture remains a mystery to most people in the West; films and television provide most of us with our only glimpse into how these people live. Syriana shows Muslim people throughout the strata of society, from those who run countries and industry down to the workers displaced by the Machiavellian international machinations behind oil production. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Multicultural Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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