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Business Discussion Advise - Essay Example

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In venturing into a business effort on a global scale, an entrepreneur should be primarily aware of the myriad socio-economic and political factors, which dramatically affects multinational companies. Below are some of the points that have to be considered.
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Business Discussion Advise
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Download file to see previous pages This road map aims to answer questions relative to the growth potential and objectives of the business as well as the feasibility of financial projections. Apart from this, the purpose of business plan may also hinge on its analysis of current global market conditions and business risks inherent in other countries as well as the proposed capital structure that would maximize the value of the business (Chan, n.d.).
In terms of the marketing aspect, the business plan also contains the key issues in connection with market identification in order to link the demand and marketing program for the product manufactured or service provided by the firm to its existing and potential customers across countries ("MoneyGlossary," n.d.).
As mentioned, an entrepreneur should carefully consider the capital structure of the business in light of the substantial working capital requirement of a global investment. With this, he/she should take into account the sources of finance to fund business operations. For instance, he/she may opt for a global offering of the firm's stocks in order to raise capital. On the other hand, an entrepreneur may also consider issuing foreign bonds, the issuer being a foreigner in a particular domestic market, in the bond markets of various countries ("Investopedia,"n.d.). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Discussion Advise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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