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Implement excellent marketing strategies - Assignment Example

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Brand image has turned out to be the crucial factor to distinguish the major players in the global economy. In this technology driven world, companies striving to be the leaders of the market are always under constant pressure to implement excellent marketing strategies…
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Implement excellent marketing strategies
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Download file to see previous pages The most crucial issues related to the decision making methodologies involves the concept of integrated marketing communications to be the best weapon for the marketing managers to come up with good marketing plans to build strong brands. These strong brands form the best solution to overcome any form of competition from the rivals in the global economy.
Marketing communications define the set of diverse communication strategies implemented to market the products and services of a company. The communication strategies play a vital role in making or breaking the value of the product in the market. The directors of the company push the marketing managers to extremes in order to obtain the estimated results. These estimated results definitely relate to the position of the company in the global market. Marketing communications comprises of Advertising media, branding of a product, building customer relationships, promotion of a brand, sales promotion so on (Frost & Sullivan, n.d.). All these factors specified play a major role in the construction of good brands by the marketing managers for the products under production. Now-a-days consumers are always looking for various services provided by the producers. Production of a particular product has become a dependent factor based on consumer demand (Kate Maddox, 2006). Major concentration of the marketing strategies deals with the methodologies involved over communicating the apt information concerning a product to the consumer. These communications form the backbone of the brand image formed for a product based on the idea developed in the consumers mind regarding the various features associated with the product. A consumer is always driven by a brand that ensures the quality of the product and also provides easy methods of gaining the appropriate information without any hurdles. The consumer prefers to gather all the necessary information within no time; this can be the best opportunity for the producers to provide all the information with apt details and also present a demonstration of the product functionality to gain the customers loyalty. This sort of communication helps the company to build a huge set of loyal customers who prioritize the brand options and always get back to the brand that they are confident about.

Building a Strong Brand
Brand is considered as a promise made to the consumer by the producer over the quality of the products and services that they offer to the customer. This is basically the major factor that defines the quality associated with the products the company manufactures (Tom Blackett, 2004). Brand image has become a matter of prestige and pride to the consumers of this new era. Brands provide the authentication over the quality of the product to the consumer in order to make the purchases confidently out of the wide variety of choices. As they say there is no free meal in this world, the consumers prefer to invest their hard earned money into products that perform up to their expectations. Consumer satisfaction ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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