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I am the person who always believes that the main reason for a human’s existence is the enrichment of his knowledge and skills maximizing all of these for his benefit…
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Academic interests and Purpose of Study
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Academic Interest and ment of Purpose I am the person who always believes that the main reason for a human's existence is the enrichment of his knowledge and skills maximizing all of these for his benefit. Being exposed in various disciplines, I have developed passion for diverse set of both academic and non-academic fields. I am a woman who takes joy in reading classical literature aside from contemporary masterpieces. I am a student who is fascinated with foreign culture and social sciences especially psychology and philosophy. With my charisma and social skills, I am able to influence with people yet I don't fail to recognize human diversity and places a high regard for my peers. I am technically inclined, have a flair for writing, and adept in numerical analysis.
My degree in Business Administration furnished me with adequate knowledge about the functioning of a business administration. Here, I have been given the theoretical foundations of organizational development, marketing, finance, and economics complemented with real world case studies which provided me the venue to apply my knowledge and acquire the important skills necessary in order to diagnose organizational problems and prescribe specific solution. It is during my years at the university that I have developed the passion for strategic management as it encompasses all the diverse fields in business management. I find management as an art where I use logic to analyze the internal and external environment of a company and creativity in order to come up with a resolution which is specific to the nature of the business. In this field, I am able to enhance and apply my interest in psychology in understanding how to manage people, utilize my numerical skills by assessing the financial performance of a company, and employ my knowledge in foreign culture by tailoring strategies according to the culture of the clientele.
My life at the university goes beyond gearing me with important management concepts. My interaction with my classmates and teachers has completed my maturity turning me into a person with a deeper sense of responsibility and integrity. I have learned to work on my own as well as tackle issues with people with diverse backgrounds. Interacting with different races makes me more open-minded, disposing all the idealism, prejudice, and bias that I have.
I believe that the blend of my interest and experience has turned me into a woman ready to embrace the challenge of pursuing a higher education. Holding on to my philosophy of furthering my skills and competencies, I am confident that an Msc in Management and Strategy will become a venue where I can share my strengths as well as serve as a fertile ground from my growth and development. This will offer me with the chance of studying strategic management at a higher level and thus enhance my critical, systematic way of thinking.
An Msc will also gear me with the specialized knowledge to be successful in my chosen career path. I am highly motivated in pursuing a career in corporate planning which will allow me to utilize strategic management the most. Recognizing the increasingly global nature of business organizations, I am interested in seeking a position in a multinational corporation which can provide me with the challenge of employing my strengths and interests for its maximum benefit. Read More
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Academic Interests and Purpose of Study Admission/Application Essay.
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