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Feminist Thinking Theory - Essay Example

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The feminist principle obtained continuous and overwhelming public attention in women's issues in the recent years.Undeniably, the imbalance attention on issues of feminism is very evident today in various communities and its ideology has spread media, academic thinking and the general society…
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Feminist Thinking Theory
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Extract of sample "Feminist Thinking Theory"

Feminist Thinking Theory The feminist principle obtained continuous and overwhelming public attention in women's issues in the recent years.Undeniably, the imbalance attention on issues of feminism is very evident today in various communities and its ideology has spread media, academic thinking and the general society. Women's as well as men's rights were noted to have unequal weight of public concerns.
One seasoned and uncommon issue on the subject of feminism is the domestic violence among women. British Medical Association has reported that, there are one (1) out of four (4) women is abused.'This is based in one survey Islington which included 571 women as well as 429 men and the study further revealed that, of the three women, one of them had experienced domestic violence, a quarter women were also found to have been forced to engage in sex even though it is against their will (Pizzey, 1998; par 1). Added to that, U.S. Department of Justice (2000) reported that, around 1.8 million women are being raped and/or assaulted physically by an intimate partner, (statistics not accounting the incidences of psychological abuse).
Common reasons for this adversity on domestic violence as discussed by the National Women's Health Resource Center (2009; par 8) often take place as a pattern of behavior or the so called, cycle of violence involving the abuser, the victim and the repeat cycle of violence. The abuser may threaten the victim as the victim works hard to keep the abuser calm; stand on her own belief that, violent incidents can be prevented despite several failures of attempting to fix it which then result to threats or danger of victim's life. The abuser, after the violent incidences, may apologize to the victim and promise not to repeat. As expected, the cycle of violence will again set in motion. Additionally, the lack of resources, traditional ideology such as disbelief in divorce and fear of losing the children are thought to be the primary barriers of leaving a violent relationship.
Domestic violence is a complex circumstance with no single strategy identified can work in all situations. Perhaps a good vision to structure is to rebuild a non-profit, serving organization or community that actively engage in reaching out for the victims of domestic violence, providing them a strong and holistic support; enabling them to achieve their optimum physical, social, emotional, spiritual and psychological state; Reach out and rehabilitation programs for abusers, so they may be healed, self-correct and will stop afflicting other people; Networking programs for victims' and abusers' significant others so they can provide strong support to the former and the later as well.
These can be achieved by encouraging each family maintain harmonious relationship. Establishing linkages among professional organizations, government and well as non-governmental organizations, and actively participate in their programs which promote eradication of domestic violence within the community and civil society. Moreover, each one should also support the state's strategies designed in joint venture with the criminal justice system; health care system; provincial legislative bodies; and also the education sector. These actions are based on the premise of Charlotte Bunch's theory of doing which provide guidelines and insights to work toward solutions of various feminist issues like domestic violence among women. If women work together with the system, it may allow change towards fitting and more livable environment.
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Feminist Thinking Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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