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My nglus Us f Symblsm - Book Report/Review Example

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Ths ppr dscusss th tl f fgurtv lngug s usd by My nglu n hr wrks frm th symblc prspctv. Ltrry gnuss sy r wrt n dlct, ntllctul nd ntllgnt mnnr s th rdr my njy th mssg n mr csttc nd frnzy wy. Th ppr wuld cvr dffrnt wrks f My nglu t llustrt th xstng xmpls f hr us f symblsm.
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My nglus Us f Symblsm
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Download file to see previous pages nglu's jurnys utsd f mrc bgn n 1961 whn My mvd t Cr, gypt whr sh lvd fr tw yrs nd srvd s th ssct dtr fr th rb bsrvr, th nly nglsh nwsppr n th Mddl st t tht tm. (Gttlb, 90) Thn n 1963, sh mvd frm gypt t Ghn nd th yr ftr sh strtd wrk s th ftur dtr f th frcn Rvw, whr sh styd untl 1966, whn sh rturnd t th Untd Stts.
n nglu's wrtngs sh mbrcs th pltcl ssus cncrnng frcn mrcns nd tht s wht mny crtcs prs hr but vn thugh sh hs mstrd th rt f wrtng. nglu tks n pltcl nd scl ssus mprtnt t frcn mrcns n hr ptry nd chllngs th sncrty f trdtnl vlus. (Jrdn, 72) My's pm, Stll Rs s n tht rss up frcn mrcns nd wmn lk. t sys tht vn thugh w hv bn shvd dwn nt th drt w rs bv ll f th htrd nd shm tht s mny ppl hv ld upn us. Sh sys n hr pm "yu my trd m n th vry drt but stll. Lk dust, 'll rs." Sh s syng tht n mttr hw fr dwn yu shv us, mnng blcks nd wmn, w wll rs bv nd bynd th ccsn, sh ls sks, "dd yu wnt t s m brkn
Bwd hd nd lwrd ys" s f sh wr syng tht vn thugh yu wntd us t ct lk lwr clss ctzns nd slvs t ur mstrs w fught bck lk " blck cn, lpng nd wd." My dscrbs hrslf s "th drm nd th hp f slv" bcus n hr mnd w tdy r lvng ut th drms f ur ncstrs nd th hps f ur ncstrs. Just by bng bl t st dwn nd t whrvr w wnt nd wrk fr mny tht w cn d nythng w wnt wth, w tdy r lvng th drms f ur ncstrs nd much mr. ...
Th mn fcus, hwvr, s n th Untd Stts s whl wth multpl symblc rprsnttns, th dmnnc f th gvrnmnt, nd th ffct n th chldrn bng brn nt ths lfstyl. (McPhrsn, 119) Sh ls supprts nd dvlps hr ds wth mny dffrnt ltrry tchnqus lk symblsm nd smls.
Wth tht bsc d f whr My nglu s gng wth ths pm, th ltrry tchnqus nd wrtng styl cn b nlyzd lttl furthr nd ppld t th mn d nd mssg f th pm. Th tn nd dctn f th pm, usd n cnjunctn, s n f th mr ntcbl tchnqus tht nglu uss t strngthn th pm. Th tn f th pm shws fr nd dp cncrn tht rs mng ppl s drct rsult f crtn ctns f th gvrnmnt. nglu's dctn r chc f wrds, fr crtn dscrptns s vry clvrly chsn nd pwrful. Such phrss s: "Trmrs f yur ntwrk," "Yur pn muth n ngr," "bltrt th sprng," nd "yur mushrms fll th sky," ll cntrbut t th strngth f th pm. ls, sngl wrds n ch f th stnzs hv th sm ffct wth trms lk curss, psnd, grm, drd, nd thrtnd, trrr, nd fr. (Curtny-Clrk, 31)
Thr r ls sm lmnts f symblsm tht cn b ntcd, whch n ths pm hlps supprt th mn d mstly n lrgr scl. Th muth s usd n th frst stnz s symbl t shw tht th cmmunctn btwn Untd Stts nd ts' ppl s n f ngtvty, spclly whn xprssd fr n th sm ln. Th us f th sky, n ths cs whr t s flld wth mushrm cluds, shws th dmntn nd cntrl th U.S. hs, bng tht th sky s bv vrythng. (Phllps, 41) n th lst stnz, th "whtnd cstls" shw th nfrrty nd sclusn f th cmmn ppl t th gvrnmnt n tht th cstl s symbl f nclsur. (Kyn, 25) n thr wrks f ltrtur th cstl cn b sn s frtrss, whch hlds n mnus prsn r grup, nd s smtms trgt t b vrthrwn. (Hughs, 850) Ths cn ls b ntd s drct symblcl cmprsn t crtn buldngs n Wshngtn D.C. whr gvrnmnt rgnztns mt nd d busnss. Th Wht Hus, Cptl Hll, nd thr stblshmnts ll pply t ths thry, nd r wht n clr s wll.
n th lst stnz, My nglu rlly drvs hr pnt hm usng th chldrn f th Untd Stts s n ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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