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New Testament of Philemon - Book Report/Review Example

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The book of Philemon was written by the apostle Paul in approximately A.D. 60. (Philemon 1:1). It indicates that then there was rampant practice of slavery amongst the Ephesians and Colossians. At the time of writing Paul was a prisoner of Jesus Christ, and Brother Timothy in Rome (Philemon 1:1)…
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New Testament Book of Philemon
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Extract of sample "New Testament of Philemon"

Download file to see previous pages It was unheard of then in Rome. One of Philemon's slaves, Onesimus had stolen his money and goods with which he ran away to Rome, actually to Paul. Since slaves belonged to their owners at least according to the then laws in Rome, Onesimus still was largely considered a property of Philemon. The offence he committed at the time was harshly punishable and at times could even make one get killed under Roman laws. Such were unpardonable offences. Paul wanted to show that no offence in the eyes of God is unpardonable and that with God nothing is impossible. Paul then arbitrated between them. First Paul worked with and taught Onesimus who become a Christian, just like his master (Philemon 10). He then wrote to Philemon through Onesimus' co-worker, Tychicus to smoothen the way for the return of Onesimus to his wealthy master. In the letter he offered to have Philemon charge the debt to him so that Paul might repay him. Paul managed to create a unity of purpose between the slave and the master as a result. The main tool Paul used here was love and faith. The virtue of love was used by Paul to unite master and his slave, though he did not denounce slavery. According to Paul the only master is God. He showed that men are all equal before Christ whether slave or master. Paul mainly wanted Colossians love each other and call each other brother in Christ rather than a slave or a master and that they should be kind to each other. To him, such were the kinds of relationships he wanted amongst Christians and not the owner and slave way of regard. Paul in this vital epistle is simply trying to preach to Colossians to have faith in Jesus Christ when they are doing something largely considered impossible and show one another the love of Jesus Christ in the body of the Christ. Paul's epistle to Philemon made Philemon pardon his runaway slave which was a rare show of forgiveness as well as a rare show of love by Philemon. That was actually the spirit and height needed or required to be demonstrated by the Colosse with regard to the Roman laws in the New Testament. That in love one is able to forget the bad deeds and most importantly forgives. Paul, then a prisoner challenges the contemporary Christian to have faith in Christ like he did have and wrote to the powerful in society. There also exists a question of the practicality of a mere prisoner convincing a wealthy Philemon on how to manage his property. It requires a miracle for such an occurrence both then and today. The wealthy and powerful Christians in our society then and now are also challenged here by Philemon's acceptance of Onesimus back. This is a rare show of both humility and love and if according to Paul it happened then, how about now and is it practically possible. Paul had respect and obedience for Roman authority and was sign of courage. Finally Paul clearly demonstrates that people who society discards are not necessarily useless as in the case of Onesimus.
In the book of Philemon, Paul was preaching love and faith in Ephesus and Colosse. Paul says that he thanks God and mentions His name always in his prayers and that hears of God's love and faith which He has towards the Lord Jesus, and toward all saints(Philemon 1:4-5). We see ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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..., but as a joint heir with His Son Christ Jesus. It is worth noting that all Biblical references are in King James Version. References Betz, H. D. (2004). Philemon. The Journal of Religion, 84 (3), 458 – 459. Gromacki, R. G. (2008). New Testament Survey. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic. Jason C M. (2010). Colossians and Philemon. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, 53 (3), 662. King James Version (1611). The Holy Bible: Paul’s Letter to Philemon. Oxford. Roth, U. (2014). Paul, Philemon and Onesimus. Zeitschrift fur die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und Kunde der Alteren Kirche, 105 (1), 102. Wiles, S. W. (2012)....
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