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Policy Analysis Project - Essay Example

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Since the conception of the computer after the World War II, new digital technology has provided fundamental changes in our conceptions and behavior. In fact, most of our professional and spare time activity implies the use of digital technology on which new uses have cropped up, e.g…
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Policy Analysis Project
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Download file to see previous pages While the computer era already modified some of our traditions legal framework, the advent of the "information superhighways" could require real information in legislation 7, or implementations of the norms." (Supervisor: Professor Yves Poullet Namur 1966).
The problem lies within our selves. If we rely on these new age technologies, how then do we protect ourselves and our loved ones We have to set our own personal rules to prevent our selves becoming the victims of these perpetrators, although it is unavoidable to use technology today in the twenty-first century, it is not very impossible to control and set our daily routine to get in accord with the protection that we can infuse in our daily routines.
Parents are not very aware of their children's activity especially their teenager daughter or son, therefore, it is quite essential to imbued in them the value and information while they are young. Teach them to distinguish a man's character or that they must not be so vulgar about their personal and private information.
One cannot neglect the fact that the Word Wide Web has helped mankind in many ways that we never imagined before. Data transferring and information exchange is just a click away, we do not wait for days for a reply from a letter that we have sent 2 weeks ago nor do we need to travel in great distances to convey a proper conversation with a customer or business partner. We don't even have to leave the comforts of our home to buy stuff, we just point and click.
But with the fast changing times and humans being dragged in the world of technology come its cons and the threat of snatching the comfort that we have in our own soggy sofa and warm cozy beds.
There are many things that could snatch away the comfort that we have gotten used to; it comes with being too comfortable with the people around us and also the people who are not around us. We tend to trust people that we do not see although we do become skeptic, we still have inkling to be open to other people whom we do not see.
Our own daily routines can also be a cause of our own demise in the future if we are not too careful with ore personal and private information, one might lose their name, waking up one day to find out that they have done a crime that did not know or been charged for something that you were not aware about. Also having the heavy burden on your conscience the ruin of a certain person just because you were not careful with the things that you say or post in the cyber world.
Pedophilia is one of the most heinous crimes against children. And internet pedophilia is rapidly increasing having teenage girls mostly are victimized. In truth, females are more emotional than girls and as teenage years is the year wherein we experience many changes and difficulties, it is the time when we think that we are going nowhere, lost in confusion and we always have this nagging feeling that everyone is out to get us. (Ashenden, 2002)
Also, adolescence is the time we stick in our minds that freedom is being snatched forcibly away and it is very scarce. Young ones in general have more knowledge in computers and technology than an average adult man. And nowadays, even a five year old can use a computer to play games. Majority of teens are seeking comfort from other people rather than with their parents since most of the time, their problems lies with the mother or father or even with the siblings.
In reality, we also feel much comfortable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Policy Analysis Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words.
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