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Companies analysis - Essay Example

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To help in portfolio management an analysis and comparison of the choices available is the first step in risk management. We look at the stocks of four Canadian companies with a view to maximize both short and long term gains with a balanced and carefully considered selection.
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Companies analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The company offers Kangaroo -TV, a medium for targeted advertising, merchandising, market surveying, and branding1.
The recent history of the company shows that it has continued making losses and its share prices have dipped to CAD 0.49 (January 11, 2008: close) - an all time low. The 52 week high is recorded at $3.86 as recently as on December 2, 2007 - a drop of 87% in 17 trading sessions. The plunge thereafter is not surprising, as the stock has found its rational floor from an all time high of $7.65 on May 12, 2006. The rapid fall is despite the news emanating from the company in recent times:
The share price movement indicates no connection with stock market indices; with a beta of -0.17 compared with the S&P Index. None of the other indicators like PE, Ask-Bid gap throw up any relevant numbers for analysis. Any investment in this share can only be based on a gut-feel. Technology employed by the company is unique and has good market potential. The only reason for holding this stock is the likelihood of a takeover by a larger and financially stronger company - then too the new company is not likely to offer a very high price to shareholders in case of an aggressive takeover. This stock is useless for prudent portfolio management. Any stocks held should be sold at the best possible price.
World Point Terminals, Inc. ...
They provide storage, blending, and transportation of crude oil, refined petroleum products, and other liquids to their customers. The company's center point terminals store residual oils, such as liquid asphalt and heavy fuels; and lights oils, such as gasoline, diesel, and heating oil. It also provides crude oil storage services through its south riding point terminal facility. In addition, the company, through a joint venture, operates a fleet of tugs providing marine services5. The company was founded in 1942. The company's stock performance has been good. Some of the key performance indicators are: PE ratio of 21.2, EPS $7.80; 52-week high $26.50; 52-week low $13.68 and present price $15.00 (January 9, 2008 close). We observe that the movement of the stock take place in a narrow band and is mostly linked to the S&P Index as indicate by a beta of 0.966.
Some of the key developments announced by the company in recent times are:
Financial Reports for the third quarter and nine months ended June 30, 2007 reported7.
World Point Terminals Inc. Announces Earnings Results for the First Quarter Ended March 31, 2007
World Point Terminals Declares Extraordinary Dividend Payable on December 15, 2006
The latest financial report is heartening for the investor and performance on all fronts has been good. Net profit margin is up to 30.51% for the quarter and 28.65% for the first nine months as compared to 24.41 for 2006. Return on equity is up from 10.07% in 2006 to 25.35% for the quarter; the year to date return of 11.98% reflects the temporary setbacks the company had in the first six months and it appears to be emerging out of its troubles.
The extraordinary dividend (the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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