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House of sand and fog - Movie Review Example

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The film is based on a Novel by Andre Dubus III. It is about an Iranian Colonel (Massood) who is exiled and comes to work in America. He obviously with a Muslim background has cultural thoughts about how to further strengthen his family. He seeks the opportunity which comes to light where a house is up for auction and he purchases it and moves in…
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House of sand and fog Movie
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Extract of sample "House of sand and fog"

Download file to see previous pages As a consequence she tries to do what she can to get the house back including starting a relationship with a local police officer (Lester). The novel goes on to explain the background about the officer how he had an emotional upbringing and one of the reasons why he is reluctant towards the woman.
The Iranian after marrying his daughter off, remember he is in the USA, spends the rest of his saved money which includes his sons future education funds into the house which he considers a good investment. His intention's is to eventually make a house like the villa he had in Iran. He thinks like the average Muslim man struggling to make a better future for his family. The woman whose house it was tries to plea with him but resorts to threatening him that he will be deported if he doesn't give her the house, the police officer aids her. The film finish's differently to the novel as the son (Esmail) who has an opportunity to shoot the police officer dies in a shootout by authorities as he is taken by the officer. And as a consequence his father the Colonel poison's his wife and then commits suicide. As the Colonel has rescued the woman twice from committing suicide when she walks in to see him in a plastic bag she tries to resuscitate him. But is too late; There is a mystery as to whether she is arrested in her part of the events leading up to his death and family breakdown of the family in the novel. In the film When the Colonel finds out about the death of his son, he returns to the house to find the woman waiting there and then strangles her to death. He then suffocates himself and his wife. The woman and the police officer await trial after being imprisoned. The woman mimes a request for a fag as she is in a state after seeing the Colonel.
The daughter's marriage in all cultures amongst the different sects in Islam re very important. They have to be done in a quality way so that the in laws accept the bride just as much as the husband does. It is the most important responsibility for a father. After this the next important thing is education. And for men in Islam education is of high importance. A father would correctly first support his daughter's needs to secure her future and then the son, just as has been shown and written about in the film. The Father did everything possible to achieve the dream he wanted for his family. Regardless of him being a political refugee from Iran he managed to do what any Muslim man would do for his family. It is a cultural fact. In comparison to the woman who was living in a house brought to her by her father and who became in a similar situation as if exiled from the house due to not paying taxes, her approach of revenge was more based on emotion and fear rather then practical and legal. As the film does not reveal the history of the officer the fact is it is perceived as a racist American man who misuses the law.
Film portrayal:
If we look at the situation of the Iranian man who was working, had a family had money, he was in a stable situation and wanted to progress and he was within law Islamically and Country law to purchase the house. The woman was wronged by the law of the country for failing her by wrongly accusing her of not paying taxes and causing her to use the means she could to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(House of Sand and Fog Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
House of Sand and Fog Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“House of Sand and Fog Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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