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Ventilation Activities - Assignment Example

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When ventilating a single family residence, at least two individuals need to work on the roof. As far as commercial structures are concerned, a minimum of 3 personnel (with at least one being a company officer) must work on the roof. Furthermore, the company officer needs to be the first individual to the roof when a commercial building is involved…
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Ventilation Activities
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Extract of sample "Ventilation Activities"

Discuss your department's procedure for ventilation activities at a structure fire typical of your area. Who, what, when, where, and how. When ventilating a single family residence, at least two individuals need to work on the roof. As far as commercial structures are concerned, a minimum of 3 personnel (with at least one being a company officer) must work on the roof. Furthermore, the company officer needs to be the first individual to the roof when a commercial building is involved. The officer needs to determine the structural integrity of the building to help with safety of the other workers. When working on the roof, the crew must then identify two escape routes. Also, they must have with them a minimum of 1 sounding device, 1 pike pole, 1 chainsaw, and a portable radio. When making a ventilation hole, the smallest size for a commercial building should be 4X4 feet. If the roof is panelized, the crew should not make the hole right over the fire; instead, it should be made as close to the fire as safety permits. In the case of a single family residence, the hole needs to be 2X4 feet. Crews need to make sure they stay focused on the fire burning, as well as the pressure they are venting. They also need to make sure that the ventilation hole is large enough. The wind should remain at the backs of the crew so the smoke will not be directly inhaled. When they have completed making the ventilation hole, they should then report back to the Incident Commander (Structural Fire Attack).
Structural Fire Attack. 29 June 2009.
Anytime personnel go to the roof, they are to assure two "IDENTIFIED ESCAPE ROUTES" are in place. In some cases, the building may have a built-in ladder that can be used as a secondary escape route, or the crews may be able to exit to another building that has a separate roof. Crews operating on a roof are to have a minimum of 1 sounding device, 1 pike pole, 1 chainsaw, and a portable radio.
The minimum size ventilation hole to be cut on a commercial building is 4' X 4' feet.
The minimum size ventilation hole cut on a single-family residence will be 2' X 4'.
When cutting a ventilation hole, crews should be aware of fire burning at the edge of the hole or smoke venting under pressure. If this occurs, the ventilation hole has not been cut large enough. Ventilation crews should try to keep the wind at their backs so when the hole has been cut the smoke will not blow directly at them. After the hole has been cut, ventilation crews are not to linger on the roof. They should report back to the Incident Commander and/or the Operation Section Chief when the assignment has been completed. Read More
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