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Good Luck Chuck how love and sexuality are constructedrelated in the movie - Essay Example

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Communication in the modern world is done more efficiently and professionally carried out through the means of new types of texts, one prominent among them being movie. An analysis of the popular movies of the day proves how this medium of text is take advantage of in order to communicate the most intelligent of the messages…
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Good Luck Chuck how love and sexuality are constructedrelated in the movie
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Extract of sample "Good Luck Chuck how love and sexuality are constructedrelated in the movie"

Download file to see previous pages A close analysis of the movie Good Luck Chuck in examination of how love and sexuality are constructed and related would prove that the modern texts of movies have great contribution to make towards the interest of Purdue students. It is on the basis of various elements in the relationship between love and sexuality that such an analysis of the movie needs to be carried out if the study should emerge with some implications to the Purdue students.
In the introductory paragraph, we identified the movie Good Luck Chuck as a text which has got significant meaning to convey or communicate to the Purdue students in relation to love and sexuality and one may wonder how this movie becomes a text. The movie is a text that reads itself aloud to the audience the meaning and the relation between love and sexuality in the modern world. It means that, like a text of the conventional meaning, the movie has a great message to communicate to its audience which if listened to with utmost attention provides more meaning to life than an ordinary text of our understanding. Therefore, the movie Good Luck Chuck, though apparently just another comedy of life, assumes a greater role with immense implications and meanings in the modern environment. To exemplify, the climax of the movie tells how even the fate that had been indifferent all through Charlie's life turns in his favor acknowledging his insatiable efforts to overcome the same. This message is crystal-clear as if any conventional text would explain. It is in the recognition of this meaning that the movie realizes its meaning and scope and it acts as a text open to its audience. Only condition is that the audience needs to open this text and read for the implicit as well as explicit meaning in it.
The implication of the meaning that the movie renders is that the movie itself with all its characteristic features such as the plot, theme, dialogues, symbols and pictorial images resides as if a great text of humanity in its love and sexual relation. When we look for some meaning in the protagonist's specific condition where he is able to have a single sexual relation with every lady he meets but cannot make the relation go ahead so as to end up in a celebrated love relation between the two, it reads, as a great text of life in its varied experience, that the construct that is called sexuality is entirely different from what we can gather about the concept of love. The text of the movie, we may conclude, makes a clear distinction between the concept of sexuality and love. What every human being is cherishing for at the end of each sexual relation is that the relation does not stop there, but reaches the greater stage, i.e. love. It is the same concept of love that drives Charlie forward to seek for an everlasting love relation with someone, remarkably Cam, rather than just enjoying a life of sexual satisfaction alone. The movie Good Luck Chuck, therefore, becomes an emblem all that human knowledge recognizes as the difference between love and sexuality. Here, sex is of momentary nature whereas love has a greater significance in human life with enduring value and implication. Not many a text would disseminate a greater message through its medium as the movie Good Luck Chuck does in establishing the real nature of sexuality and love. That is the reason why, movies are often considered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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