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Industrial Revolution - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that the industrialization has generated different regions according to the activities performed in those particular regions. The workstations are separated from the colonies to enhance the proximity to the resources necessary to that industry…
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Industrial Revolution
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Extract of sample "Industrial Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages section for cultivation. With their modern techniques used to get more yield. While the
families of low hierarchy and less power used to work under the land lords. The families
were broken and people in small families used to flew to towns and industrial areas where
they are paid for the work done. Thus the population used to rise in the towns and cities. Poor
families were forced to work for long hours and were paid less compensation. For this reason
women and children used to accompany their elder family members and used to work for
long hours under conditions. The growth in urban population has pressurized the water,
housing, sanitation etc facilities which have had worsened the living condition in that region.
There is no proper interaction in between families as the members along with their children
were put into work. There were no educational facilities for children as they were no time for
them to perceive. The young generation lacked the social ethics as their elders were busy in
their work for most of the time. Capitalism strongly prevailed in the industrial regions.
Workers safety was least concerned .The industrialization were more of production oriented
and the owners made huge profits The profits increased the gap between the rich and the poor
increased. No government policies were implemented as the rich used to dictate the terms.
Industrial revolution has bought some positive results as the poverty has been reduced;
the wages were increased in some regions. The cities were divided into their specific
activities like the industrial areas, the marketing areas, the administrative areas. The working
classes were ill-treated in the initial periods of industrialization. The workers...
This essay discusses that education was a major concern in the industrial revolution days as people of all ages were busy in their work which lasts for 15 to 18 hours a day. Elders were educated about the mechanics of the machines and their operations. Gradually in the first quarter of the eighteenth century in England, child education was made compulsory up to 12 years. Children who were educated up to certain age were allowed part-time to work.The social responsibility was highlighted in the period of industrial revolution. This is addressing the concern of the widows, the injured soldiers and the people below poverty line. The private wealthy society was encouraged to generously participate in providing the basic needs of the needy in that period. The industrial revolution has created immense wealth for many sections which propelled them to organize aid to the people who were in distress. The increase in the communications and the accessibility to the issue regions has pushed the assistance further more. The attitudes have kept changing which resulted in a lot of nongovernmental organizations which started addressing the concerns of the poor. The social responsibility has been projected as a ritual for the wealthy and status to dissipate the surplus to the needy. The philanthropic values gradually spread to eradicate the social evils like alcoholic consumption, the abolition of slavery, improved work environment in factories and fight for the social concerns community wise. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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