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True Loves Rough Course in A Midsummer Nights Dream - Book Report/Review Example

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Love hardly runs a smooth course in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Shakespeare's comedy opens to scenes of love as a trophy of war and love as compulsion, delusion and trickery. Egeus, Theseus and the Duke of Athens attempt to influence Hermia's choice of love object while Hermia tries to regain Demetrius' love…
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True Loves Rough Course in A Midsummer Nights Dream
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Download file to see previous pages Building on the correlation between love and sight, Oberon meddles with Tatiana's sight to impose a distorted vision, hence distorted love choice, upon her:
Oberon seeks the violent displacement of Tatiana's free will and her to the autonomous and independent choice of love object. By distorting her sight, he distorts her emotions and, importantly, controls her perceptions of love.
As Hermia's sight cannot be magically altered, Egeus chooses to deploy a more overt, infinitely more violent strategy for the control of her emotions and the redirection of her love-choice. Love is controlled and directed through the threat of death. As Egeus' says:
With these words Egeus denies Hermia's individuality and independence. Perceiving of her as a lesser extension of his own self and an object, not person, of his command, Egeus insists that Hermia love whom he commands her to love. He uses the ultimate threat, the threat of death, to add substance to his meddling.
To escape Egeus, Hermia and Lysander run to the forest where, instead of finding a refuge and safe haven for their love, they are confronted with more meddling and more trickery. Demetrius pursues them, intent on capturing Hermia and marrying her, even if against her own will. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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