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Social Policy review and analysis - Essay Example

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Interest group representation in Canada identifies society's persuade on the governing body and the policies resolute upon in the legislative setting. The composition of interest groups has evolved over time and has lead to study of three different approaches to the power the emblematic groups have…
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Social Policy review and analysis
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Single issues or individual pressure groups are the basic building blocks of modern pressure groups. Every interest is "seen as expressing a joint purpose" of individuals that have come together to achieve convinced objectives. These groups have limited organizational skills and lack the knowledge of government to succeed in the few specific issues on their purpose. Single issues interest groups usually have a liquid membership base, which use the media and tremendous action to obtain their goals. The groups usually are fighting for a change in private or public policy they find inequitable or unmerited. These groups tend to break up when they reach their goals (or concede defeat). Although single interests groups are not completely unproductive, their "inclination towards passion" makes them not well liked in the Bureaucratic community and in revolve do not stay around for too long. The main key to success for these groups lies within their usefulness to demand to public opinion.
If the single interests group is around for enough time either by following or refusing to give up they usually band together with other similar single interest groups to carry on the fight. Groups such as this are referred to as organizational interest groups and usually contain a higher level organization than the single interests groups. Joining two or more groups with concentration on "structural interests" can attracts a wider membership base that in turn provides a larger economic sustain to work with. With more money the group can appoint a small staff of experts including lawyers, public policy experts, and public relations staff to help meet the changes in the government. The structure and basic goals of the organization do not change after the amalgamation it simply becomes more complex. Organizational groups tend to keep away from unnecessary behavior in the name of the cause and the use of media to gather public attention. Instead, the groups use formal briefs to get their point across to the general public. The organizational groups are knowledgeable in the political arena but are not as useful as the institutional groups.
Institutional groups or "super organizational" groups have an widespread membership basis that allows for a stable membership of like-minded people. Everyone within the institutional group does not partake in the same exact interest; the members are required to share the information with others in the group to act in a common manner. The groups have substantial resources to carry out their "concrete and instant objectives." The resources include a highly trained staff that has widespread knowledge of the government that effects the suitable government officials and can converse easily with them. Unlike the single interests or organizational groups, institutional interest groups have the skills and knowledge needed to act as a "go between, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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