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Every single human being is blessed with God-given talents. I am grateful to have recognized these gifts at an early age. My parents have supported and encouraged me to excel in every way possible. From scribbles and doodles, my drawings have definitely progressed as time passed…
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Art Originality
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Total Word Count: 506 words Every single human being is blessed with God-given talents. I am grateful to have recognized these gifts at an early age.My parents have supported and encouraged me to excel in every way possible. From scribbles and doodles, my drawings have definitely progressed as time passed. But throughout the years I realized the significance of further training towards the enhancement of one's talents.
The course was effective in bringing out my drawing character. It has certainly defined my style which I was not exhibiting before I took the class. I view the program as a catalyst to better myself and to enjoy the boundless regions of art itself.
I really find the lessons motivating. Here, we are constantly encouraged to draw anything that we wanted. The course made me relish the freedom of the art world. There are times when we are asked to draw something at home to be presented before the class the next day. I believe that the intention is to gain inspiration and creativity in an ambience beyond the class' art studio atmosphere.
There would always be time allotted to talk about recent news and various issues such as the nuclear test in North Korea to Nicole Ritchie's eating disorder. I guess such discussions are substantial in improving our skills because it nurtures self-expression and consciousness.
One time we had to bring four pictures which we perceive to be of good art, of bad art, of a beautiful looking person, and of an ugly looking person. I chose Frida Kahlo's works as good art because her works exude a great sense of style in contrast with the bad art of Damien Hirst who is identified with his eccentric exploitation of animals in his works. I also brought the photographs of Nicole Kidman and Michael Jackson and explained that the former is a picture of beauty and the latter is a display of ugliness and distortion caused by excessive plastic surgery.
After those discussions we would talk about our own works. That way the artist can explain his or her art to be further understood and appreciated by fellow art students. In time, I also became conscious of my style and felt the desire to maintain originality. While it is true that this world is home to millions of artists, each is given the chance to stand out and be unique in his own way. The art world poses a constant challenge and a real artist must possess not only talent but also virtues and patience to achieve excellence. I realized that, to be a successful artist, one must nurse utmost devotion and determination.
Overall, the class does not only equip me with art training but also improves my character as an artist and as a person. The course opened my eyes and broadened my perspective about art and life. I am further inspired to develop my skills and be the best that I can be. I believe that this course is instrumental in gaining knowledge and expertise in the field of art. Read More
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Art Originality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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