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What An Education Means To Me - Admission/Application Essay Example

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My friend is an ‘engineer’. Give him any electrical or mechanical appliance from a fan motor to a bulldozer. He asks the customers a few questions and he is ready with the diagnosis. He gives the guarantee that the machinery that visits his workshop returns by recouping the original health…
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What An Education Means To Me
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Extract of sample "What An Education Means To Me"

Admission/Application Essay, Education Topic: What and education means to me Introduction My friend is an ‘engineer’. Give him any electrical or mechanical appliance from a fan motor to a bulldozer. He asks the customers a few questions and he is ready with the diagnosis. He gives the guarantee that the machinery that visits his workshop returns by recouping the original health. What are your educational credits? Which Engineering College are you the student? To such questions he has the patent answer. “I have studied in the college of self-education, where my mind is my principal; my initiative, my professors; my hard work, my tutors. What is the theory in your books after all? It is other man’s experience”. He has a sprawling workshop where hundreds of employees, including some of the post-graduate engineers are working and they admire the genius of their boss. They say, “We learn something new every day. He has solutions for every problem”, they exclaim! “Do you regret that you are unable to get the formal college education, with the suffix of a few degrees after your name or with the prefix of “Dr.” before your name? His reply is clear-cut and straightforward. “I’m happy; I do not carry the head-load of ego with me at all times! Practical vision and experiencing is far superior to knowledge gained through reading books, listening to lectures, writing lengthy papers and taking examinations. This is, however, not to belittle the importance of the institutional education. But the one, who can make the life without it, is a hero in the real sense of the term. But everyone is not a born hero and as such leaning for degrees and professional courses has been accepted as the way of life, in the present era, impacted by materialistic civilization and the world recognizes the achievers. Education sharpens one’s power of discrimination. To reach the pedestal of success one needs education. Education is an important tool for interactions in any area, be it employment, public relations, business dealings at the local, national or international levels. An educated individual gains the confidence that he is the builder of his destiny. To a student education means getting up early in the morning and challenge the day with his responsibilities towards the syllabus of study. The never-ending homework, writing essays, preparing for the debates and other academic competitions etc. is part of the educational system, through which a student has to pass through. The overall objective of education from the secular point of view is to prepare for the future. It is the ladder to reach out to the career goals and earn money. With the mention of the word education, the picture of the magnificent, campus of school/college appears on the curtain of our mind. What is gained there is just the part of education, not the complete education. An individual is a student and learner throughout life, in all situations; this should be the approach to education which will lead to the all-round progress of an individual. Bertrand Russell writes, “…that education should do something to afford a training and nor merely to prevent impediments to growth, the question arises whether education should train good individuals or good citizens” (p.1). The beginning of one’s education is at home, and the immediate family members, importantly the parents, are the teachers. They transmit so many values intentionally and unknowingly, from their expertise and vast experience of life. Its importance is all the more as it is done with love and great affection to build a healthy future for you. Your parents teach you to crawl, talk, walk and laugh, and with innumerable interactions with them you adapt many essentials to govern your life. Thus the processes of life-long leaning begin at home and always remember what you learn by your own experience and expertise is more important than what you learn in the educational institutions. Education is a journey that does not have a terminating point. On the academics part of it, the visionaries, philanthropists, industrials and the government agencies have created magnificent educational institutions for the benefit of the younger generation. Their efforts and foresight has contributed much in the cause of education. They have kept a goal before the youngsters that academic achievement and the pursuit of excellence are paramount in life. That is one of the safe routes to self-sufficiency and financial independence in life. Most of the children belong to middle class and those from the immigrant families have achieved success in life, through their academic excellence. The important objective of education is to create an ethical standard in the educational system. Unfortunately, education and financial gains have become the two arms of the scale. The expensive education is measured to be the best. The persona of an individual is linked to the percentage of marks. Job satisfaction has become identical with monetary gains. To secure favors, even by unfair means on the basis of power commanded by the Chair, has become order of the day. Occupations that are money spinning have risen in prominence. Remember, ultimately, monetary gains have problems attached, which confound solution. The innate talents of a student should not be suppressed for acquiring degrees, with the sole purpose of amassing wealth. The education system should not dwarf one. That which helps one’s inner growth is the real education. If what is taught in Colleges and Universities is real education, why this world is engulfed in hatred and intolerance, instead of mutual love? Education should be the preparation for one’s life. Presently, the whole edifice of modern civilization has begun to crumble due to authority exercised by wrong values. Education should be conducive to identify and nourish the God-given talents within one. It can then, lift one up. Otherwise, one will continue to live the life of compromises at every stage of one’s life. One can learn from anyone, only the process of learning; but the real self-growth has to be attained by one's own efforts and dedication. The objective of real education is to mold great individuals first- great projects will follow. Works Cited Russell, Bertrand. Bertrand Russell Bundle: Education and the Social Order. Routledge; 2009, Print Read More
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