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Critical analysis of five articles related to finance - Essay Example

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Finance is a very integral part of the functioning of any micro-economic or macro-economic activity, irrespective of the scale of functioning and the field of specialization. The media, particularly, has been sensitive to finance and economic news coverage, owing to the fact that it bears great importance to the common man, and the economy as a whole…
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Critical analysis of five articles related to finance
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Extract of sample "Critical analysis of five articles related to finance"

R.Preeti 24/7/2008 FINANCE Finance is a very integral part of the functioning of any micro-economic or macro-economic activity, irrespective of the scale of functioning and the field of specialization. The media, particularly, has been sensitive to finance and economic news coverage, owing to the fact that it bears great importance to the common man, and the economy as a whole. This write-up takes up five such articles published in newspapers, and delves into the details.
The first article, is one on the Inflation of the Economy, in the Asian continent. The Asian economy is one that is prone to inflationary tendencies. Today, the whole world is experiencing a boom in the economy. The inflation in Asia, corresponding to the worldwide phenomenon, is also surmounting. This is evident, in the rise of fuel prices and other infrastructural bottlenecks. In fact, the inflation in India has touched 11.91% already! Due to this, international projects and other internal economic activity, have been affected. In my opinion, inflationary tendencies are often high in the Asian continent. The continent particularly comprises Developing economies. These economies are often at the mercy of the developed world and their dominance in the international arena. Due to this, when the OPEC countries have benefitted from the rise in fuel prices, the Asian continent seems to be worst hit. However, with countries in the G-8 Summit talking about alternative sources of energy. Due to this, the inflation has lowered slightly!
The second article is on Presidential candidate, Barack Obama's speech. The article talks about Obama's visit to Europe. He has asked the European countries to share the burden of the United States. This, he urged, was in an attempt to countering a threat to world peace-Terrorism. This was to urge greater military support and to garner all forces to fight against the menace. Terrorism is especially prevalent in Afghanistan and other places. International financial and economic cooperation is important to international relations. In my opinion, the prospective President of America's speech is of extreme important. This, especially, when it is on improving foreign policy and relations with another country is of extreme importance. As this is inclusive of the economic aspect and activities of countries, it bears significance. The relations of United States, with Germany had soured, when the latter opposed the war on Iraq. Now, this new move to counter a worldwide issue is a great step in improving relations, while also countering menace, besides accentuating financial and economic collaboration among countries.
The third article is on how social networking has invaded our lives. In fact, to the great extent that even the fiscal aspect of it is impacted! The creation of fake profiles has become a phenomenon of social networking. A man filed a libel case against a former schoolmate of his, for creating one such fake profile. The fake profile had wrong information about the person in question. This took place in London, which is known as the Libel capital of the world, because of the prevalent laws that govern the issue. In my view, social networking has literally barged into our lives and has impacted in a number of ways. Besides, financial opportunities have emerged from numerous avenues. This certainly is one such chance! Libel is filed when a person posts or submits false information about another person, in writing. This has resulted in economic gains for a number of people, especially in London. A number of people benefit from the money thus obtained, in the city.
The fourth article is about the cut down on the issue of visas to China. This has been done in the light of the Olympic Games. This is because of the fact that a number of unwanted foreign visitors might disrupt the proceedings and activities taking part as a part of the international sporting event. General business trips will now have to wait, before the authorities begin to allow them again. This could take about two months. China certainly is ensuring smooth running of the show. In my opinion, the World Olympic Games is one of the biggest sports events. The country that hosts the games is honoured. The country, therefore, makes special arrangements when this event is bound to take place. This could involve many activities, like the afore mentioned. Therefore, the Chinese authorities certainly want to ensure safe and successful occurrence of the events. No doubt, the Olympics this year are awaited in bated breath.
The fifth article is on the Nokia and Qualcomm dispute. The dispute was with respect to a Patent issue. This issue has been settled now. Nokia is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world. Qualcomm is the manufacturer of chips for mobile phones. The two companies have entered into a new fifteen year agreement. The agreement spells out a licensing deal between the two companies. In my opinion, this is a breakthrough in the telecom industry. This is because two major players are joining hands. As the article says, "Nokia has been granted a license under all Qualcomm's patents for its mobile phones and network equipment. It has agreed not to use any of its patents directly against Qualcomm, allowing Qualcomm to integrate Nokia's technology into Qualcomm's chipsets." The dispute, in fact, has been settled due to this agreement. Mergers and Acquisitions, certainly are an integral part of the financial world of businesses.
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