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Scottish society since 1914 - Essay Example

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The Scottish society has gone a long way since 1914. However, the saying " History repeats itself" seems to be evident here. Most of the sociologists and historians are aware that the way things are going into this place seems to be a remnant of the past. However, one cannot help but to ask, " How do these people come up with such a conclusion"
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Scottish society since 1914
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Download file to see previous pages In these Wars, Scotland actually is a country engaged in a debate to determine if the aforementioned event is necessary. Scotland actively participated in every event that would somehow determine the fate of the eventual European colonizers. Moreover, The pre-war debates and development of policy had left much about the nature and form of welfare to be decided (Levitt, 1988, p.104). However, one cannot deny the fact that Scotland on that time was oppressed by other English nations- the state experienced unfair competitions on trade as they experienced low salary compared to their counterparts and the goods and services that were provided by this country was paid at a lower price.
Being engaged in such activities, the economic side of Scotland was set aside while they are focusing much on the tactics rather than the welfare of the people. In this case, people of different classes aiming for social change "indirectly" ruled Scotland. Ofcourse, mixture of different classes would eventually give birth into an ideology and belief of "oneness" that would later be their uniting force in the next few years. Who would have known that such occurrences would turn this nation into one of Europe's largest financial centers.
During the time interwar, the Scottish while experien...
Let's take a closer look at the depression it suffered during the inter-war era. During that time, the Scottish people have only a few options on their employment. The armed force is perhaps the only thing that provides employment during that time.
During these wars, while other European country were busy expanding their territories and scope, Scottish people has other things in mind- to develop a sense of oneness and to meet the challenges of the future Scotland. "In a relatively short space of time, the Scottish working class went from being one of the most highly organised working classes in the history of industrial capitalism, to a fragmented one as yet barely able to defend its economic and political interests" (Knox, 1995).
Dealing with the present-day society of Scotland would further draw each one who wishes to have this study in their interwar experience.
Their niche, in the business world has led them into a distinction, which other countries in the United Kingdom failed to do such a feat.

The 1980s saw an economic boom in the Silicon Glen corridor between Glasgow and Edinburgh, with many large technology firms relocating to Scotland. The discovery of North Sea oil in the 1970s also helped to transform the Scottish economy (wikepedia 2006). Perhaps, this is an indicator that the said state is in demand of providing services that are vital to the growth ouf European countries.
Scottish were pressumed as "enemies" of most of the English people during the early years of the war and even before the war. However, they made a remarkable move by excelling on intelligence in the armed forces, Industry and economics which paved the way for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Scottish Society since 1914 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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