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This term had many intriguing topics and I have learnt a great deal in this term. There have been many topics which were unknown to me before this term. My favorite topic undoubtedly has been ethical issues and dilemmas in business. This paper will justify why this has been my favorite topic in this term.
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Running head: Ethical issues and dilemmas in business Ethical issues and dilemmas in business In APA Format This term had many intriguing topics and I have learnt a great deal in this term. There have been many topics which were unknown to me before this term. My favorite topic undoubtedly has been ethical issues and dilemmas in business. This paper will justify why this has been my favorite topic in this term.
I perceive myself as a future manager and it is imperative for me to understand the importance of ethics in business. A business operating without ethics can never progress and the people involved will inevitably suffer because of the same. My thinking regimes would be made sound and adequate as per the different manifestations of ethics and morals and this is something that I would definitely try my best to get acquainted with (Sims, 2002). "In today's business, the workforce comprises of people who are diverse in their nationality, religion, caste, race, age, education and even socioeconomic status. They are all expected to work together as a team towards the success of the organization. "(How to resolve ethical dilemmas in business). When there is diversity, people are sure to have different mind sets but this does not mean that the business they are involving themselves in shouldn't follow the ethics. Ethics are very important these days and no company can survive without following ethics, profit making is another thing but profit making and abiding by the ethical responsibility is a completely different thing.

Developing an effective ethics program
I am very eager to learn about developing an effective ethical program in order to learn how to do business and how to simultaneously abide by ethics. Doing so ensures the complete progress of the business. Ethics are like moral values and if a business loses morals, profit making would be of very little use. There are several ethical issues like discrimination, racism etc at the workplace. These issues can be sorted out by talking to the people involved in the same; the last option would be to sack individuals refusing to understand how dangerous discrimination at the workplace can be. Awareness is a very important aspect in following the ethics expected of a business. Without the awareness of ethics, the employees can never realize what's expected of them in term of ethical responsibility. There is a very fine line between law and ethics, the business organizations are forced to follow the law but that is not quite the case when it comes to following ethics. An organization following ethics is ought to be more successful than the organization not following ethics. It is imperative to have a code of ethics in order to fulfill the ethical responsibility that every organization has to. "Disciplining employees both ensures productivity and sets standards for the future." (Ethical Dilemmas in Business). An organization that disciplines its employees is ought to fulfill its ethical responsibilities. I aim to enjoy learning this subject as well so that my final goal of getting educated comes about in a full circle. I would definitely give in my very best when these subjects are taught to me (Hoffman, 1994).

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