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Gulf Air - Case Study Example

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Gulf air is the company owned by the kingdom of Bahrain and is a national pride in Bahrain. Gulf air is one of the leading airline companies of the world with its operations in major cities of the world. Gulf air flies to the busiest airports of the world like London, Paris, Dubai and Mumbai…
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Gulf Air
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Download file to see previous pages Assets of the gulf air company have become manifold as compared to the time it started its business. (Gulf Air Official Website, 2010)
The history of Gulf aviation relates back to the 1940s when a British pilot and entrepreneur named Freddie Bosworth started a company with the aim of providing air taxi services to the local customers and to the businesses. For ten years he was carrying on with the company with his small fleet of aircrafts and at the end of first quarter of 1950 he transformed his business into a private shareholding company with the name of Gulf Aviation. Therefore, it can be regarded as one of the oldest air carriers performing operations in the Middle East. After some time in 1951, the founder of the company died and it was all set to be sold to the big guns of the aviation industry. (Gulf Air Official Website, 2010)
In the month of October of the year 1951 British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) acquired a 22% stake in the Gulf Aviation and therefore became a major share holder in the company. After the purchase of stake of the Gulf Aviation by British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) some of the updated and technologically advanced aircrafts were added to the fleet of the company as well as the company started its services to London city.
Year 1973 is regarded as the most important year in the his...
Thus by the acquisition of the shares of the company Gulf air became the national carrier of those four countries in the Persian Gulf. Moving further along the line in the same year, Gulf aviation achieved another land mark with the establishment of the subsidiary company of Gulf Helicopters.
In the 1980s an increase in the trend of travelling by air was seemed in the world and the air travel was seemed to be the best commuting route in the world. With this opportunity Gulf airways also cashed in to make the best out of the bargain. It was the time of some real growth for the company and the company made the best out of the available opportunities. In the year 1981 Gulf Air became an IATA member and in the following year, it became the first International airline to land at Riyadh. With the progress of the company more and more aircrafts were also being added to the fleet of the company and in the year 1988 Boeing 767s were added to the fleet of the company and with the addition of Boeing 767s more services were offered to different customers of the different destinations. Gulf air also has the prestige of being the first Arab airline to fly directly to the continent of Australia. In the year 1994 Gulf air started receiving the airbus aircrafts and in the year 2000 took the delivery of all of the remaining airbus aircrafts. In the meanwhile gulf air extended its services to the other parts of the world and the procedure of expansion did not stop.
In the 1990s gulf air was down on profits and was not performing well as a corporate entity when the reign of the fleet and resources of gulf air was held in the hands of a newly appointed CEO of the company. In the year 2002 Mr. James Hogan became the president ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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