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This article is a brief analysis about Tata's take over on Corus. The article aimed at highlighting the courage of an investor to take over a firm that is better placed than the investor's own. The article focuses on several issues that encourage an international manager to invest for their respective company's growth.
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Article Reviews
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Article Reference: http This article is a brief analysis about Tata's take over on Corus. The article aimed at highlighting the courage of an investor to take over a firm that is better placed than the investor's own. The article focuses on several issues that encourage an international manager to invest for their respective company's growth.
This article clearly puts forward the effects in the field of business globally when an international firm looks at takeover. This might amuse many managers world wide to step in a similar fashion thereby improving their own growth and also that of their customers. This is an opening for many small company managers to think in the direction of cooperative work through collaboration. The article enumerates several apt details about Tata that a strategic business manager would find interesting. The details can be seen by an international company as a generalization to a certain extent when making up an image of an Indian company.
The main advantage of taking over such companies would be the use of its market for establishing themselves at an international level. The international manager might also look at issues like opening up trade in both the directions. This step will have a tremendous impact on companies worldwide to assess the best way to establish a platform while investing in a place where the company does not have much reputation. The report clearly mentions the various bidders, who were interested in Corus take over and also limns certain third person views on why Tata won the bid. These details would definitely motivate an international business manager of any company to work on similar lines as that of Tata despite fear of competition. The article would promote managers of the competing companies worldwide to think about coming up with better strategies to weaken the opponent collaboration at its inception and over take their opponent in the business race.
Another important aspect is that other internationally well-established companies would get to know more about the company that would result in a hike in the international market.
This article also focuses on an issue that is rather very important and compares a decision like this to a gamble. It provides suitable opinions of investors and people of related domains upon this take over. The problems related to streamlining the company according to them would be a major concern for any manager. The issue related to the job losses is a major one. If a manger thinks to invest in a similar fashion on an international platform then he might think of ways not to disturb the jobs to have a smooth functioning of the company. Other issue talked about in the article is the share market .The share value of the company would drop down as people generally worry about the outcome of such an investment. This would have a big impact on the companies all over before taking a decision like this. Any manager would consider the issue of retaining his market share and probably ways of improving them.
To summarize, the article very clearly explains the pros and cons of making investments on a large scale. It provides an International Business Manager of any company with the bird's eye view of such a take over.

Article Reference:

A report analyzing article on the present day situation of the inflation rate in Zimbabwe is presented here. This article throws light on Zimbabwe's economic descent. A situation like this is definitely a cause of worry for companies and industries as black marketing and corruption levels scorch the skies.
The details presented in the article are such that a foreign investor for domestic companies in Zimbabwe needs to act wisely to have a stand in the market. As market situation worsens due to inflation, the international managers would have to consider regarding pricing, production and opening market in Zimbabwe. This would force him to keep away from the Zimbabwe market for a while and let things to settle.
Big investors might consider having talks with Government and other local bodies regarding reinforcing economic situation. Managers might consider slowing the pace of production, analyzing the demand versus supply, streamlining the availability of goods in market etc. Domestic managers need to analyze and stabilize market for sustaining healthy trade.
The article provides several reasons that might have led to this situation in Zimbabwe. Organizations worldwide would analyze the sequence of events leading to this situation. Possible ways of working out of situations similar to this, trade policies in these circumstances, market strategies and pricing issues would be matter of interest for the international managers. Sustaining a healthy market, possible ways to eliminate black marketing, creating need for the product and making it essential at the time of crisis are the issues that managers all round the globe would consider, emulating such a situation for themselves.
Negatives regarding inflation are highlighted in the article and they would force any manager to think about safeguarding their money, resources, material and assets in times of crisis.

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This report analyzes an article about U.S taking decision to levy taxes on industries based on the amount of green house gases they emit.
This article is well organized and comes with a detailed discussion regarding the decision taken. It puts forward many questions and shows accurate reasoning to explain why a decision like this is a necessity. Statistical data are presented to back the decision. Even graphical representations are presented. Recent disasters are cited as examples and the necessity for taking such a decision is emphasized. On the whole the article puts forward a detailed discussion on the importance of climate in economy.
The discussion provided by the article will have definite impacts on the international manager. Since the report presents the scenario as something positive, a company would look at it as the beginning of the future - generation policies which could very well become the norm in any country. Companies would consider other alternatives in their own organizations such as going for filters while emitting gases etc. as most of the countries would like to follow the U.S
They would consider the environmental policy more seriously. The manager would consider starting up eco-friendly tasks by initiating programs like 'Clean and Green', 'Plant more trees' etc. under the company's banner. They would be interested in analyzing the future effect of the emissions from their industry on the climatic conditions. They would probably consider having a research team for reducing the emission context of green house gases. They might even consider going public with results about cutting down the emission percentage by a factor by showing statistics.
The article enumerates as to how the company earned the praise of people and government by their CEO's act. This might motivate companies around to take similar steps so that they become good in the eyes of their own Federal Governments. They might even consider starting up awareness campaigns under the company's banner to show off that their company cares about the environment.
On a whole there would be funds invested in research work to cut down emission percentage and be on the safe side. Read More
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