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World Vision International: A Vision by One, A Vision for All - Essay Example

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Introduction. Working on six continents around the globe, World Vision International is one of the largest Christian humanitarian, and relief and development organizations that work for the well being of the poor and vulnerable people, particularly for children…
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World Vision International: A Vision by One, A Vision for All
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Download file to see previous pages The organisation traces its origins back in 1950 when it was instituted to care for orphans in Asia. Today, World Vision itself has expanded to meet the broader concerns on community development and advocacy to the poor in its duty to help children and their families shape sustainable futures. Its projects can be classified into two major areas, particularly, (1) long-term sustainable community development concentrating on addressing problems identified by the community itself, like clean water, education, health care, agricultural improvements and public hygiene, and (2) short-term emergency relief, such as providing food, shelter and medical care to victims of natural or man-made disasters. Most of these relief projects are planned to switch smoothly into development activities.
History. Deeply moved by the poverty and hunger he witnessed in Asia, an American evangelist by the name of Rev. Bob Pierce founded World Vision in 1950. In 1953, Pierce established a programme of child sponsorship to help out children orphaned by the Korean War. Pierce plead to North Americans to finance the costs of caring for these children through pledging a certain amount each month. Operations were then directed from a head office near Los Angeles. Over the next two decades, World Vision expanded its work throughout Asia, and into Latin America and Africa. Funds obtained through child sponsorship assisted poor children with food, education, health care, and vocational training. During the 1970s, World Vision took up a broader community development model and established an emergency relief division, which is set to address the causes of poverty by focusing on community needs such as water, sanitation, education, health, leadership training, and income-generating projects. At the same time, large-scale relief efforts were initiated on behalf of earthquake victims in Central America, cyclone survivors in India, and refugees at a loose end in the South China Sea. Recognising the international range of both operations and fundraising, World Vision International was established in 1978 as a partnership of interdependent national offices. By 1985, World Vision maintained development projects in 84 nations and was taking to the globe's most terrible humanitarian disasters. A major relief effort was brought to Ethiopia where an extensive famine threatened to claim millions of lives. With the breakdown of communism in the 1990s,World Vision began its operations in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union area. It focused on small loans for poor entrepreneurs and finding homes for disabled and institutionalised children within their own communities.
Mission Statement and Core Values. According to World Vision International, the centre of its undertakings is in creating stronger and healthier relationships, as it believes that the lack of such leads to community impoverishment. It believes that when children are loved and taught with the right values, provided with appropriate food, shelter, education, protection, a community flourishes. It attains sustainable development through partnering with underprivileged communities and working to advance lives of dignity, justice and hope. Communities that are in need, through appropriate assistance such as funding and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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