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Industrial Project Management - Essay Example

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Going through the case study it is quite apparent that, the management realised the seriousness of the issue at the eleventh hour i.e. at the hour of crisis only. Managing the affairs was almost totally left to the co-director and the manger of the company, without any planned effort to groom some replacement…
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Industrial Project Management
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Download file to see previous pages Comprising three people, the management team also had a works manager in the team, but what is quite surprising is that the seniority or position of the works manager was never formally acknowledged, leaving bitterness amongst the staff and the team. Ideally, once the works manager is part of the management, he should have been granted the status and powers to deal with the staff as a 'manager', but the indecisiveness is apparent all over in this decision as well. All this is because the company hierarchy and decision flow system is not well planned; instead it is being run as a family business with many lines of communication sending across conflicting signals to the workforce. This not only results in confusing the workforce but it also results in delay for the customer's deliveries. Such delays leave dissatisfied customer, and employees too find it difficult to face the customers advancing reasons for delays etc. This acts as a de-motivator for the workforce. The ad-hoc approach is also visible in the way the chairman sends across his orders and directives. Chairman is of course within his rights to select people for particular tasks, but at the same time the chairman must not appear to be taking sides opening in favour of someone or against someone, on a routine basis. The favouritism is also apparent in salary reviews for the employees. It results in lowering the morale of other people in the company. Teamwork is also affected, because employees are wary of working with such people.

The company is now operating at a small scale, but taking care of customer's preferences, and quality will go a long way in preparing the company for taking on the competition for a longer period, strengthening its financials and adding more value to its products. But as of now company doesn't have any quality standards in place. Today we are living in a competitive era and quality forms one of the important cornerstones for product differentiation.

Performance Improvement Essentials
For sustainable development the company will have to resort to a number of measures towards improving the motivation level of the workforce, breeding team spirit and for improving the overall outlook of the company. Some of the steps that the company can take are;
Motivation for the workforce: Motivation in fact proves to be of strategic importance in an era when competition requires best use of the resources for value addition and customer satisfaction. In simplest terms motivation can be defined as a means of providing motives. Motives can act towards making or spoiling the work, towards doing a job more efficiently or for distorting the work environment. The lack of any positive motivation from the management often results in an automatic negative motivation. This could be defined as the state of an individual's perspective which represents the strength of his/ her natural inclination to exert efforts towards some particular behaviour. It is through their behaviour that employees give expression to their commitment to work, level of motivation and their attitudes. For this small manufacturing company, problems are many on the delivery front and role of the workforce becomes crucial to fulfil the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Industrial Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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