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The American revolution 2 - Essay Example

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Before the advent of the American Revolution, a series of events happened that caused the Americans' dissent over British rule. Great Britain has just gone to a war against France and they are heavily indebted. The war was fought to protect and preserve the territories of the British Empire…
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The American revolution 2
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The American revolution 2

Download file to see previous pages... Americans were outraged. They were not given ample representation on the matter. They called it as "taxation without representation."
This ignited different forms of opposition from the Americans like stopping the importage of British goods. Some even reacted violently by barricading a house where the stamps are stored and destroying it. A group called Sons of Liberty was formed and these lead the plea to repeal the law. Although the law was repealed, the parliament passed a Declaratory Act that affirmed the British's right to legislate laws that it wanted for its colonies.
This was followed by the passage of the Tea Act to save the East India Company from bankruptcy. The law removes all duties imposed on British tea exported to America and these gave unfair advantage on other tea imports. Again, they resisted this law and it led to the infamous Boston Tea Party wherein some members of the Sons of Liberty boarded a British ship and threw off the imported tea to the sea. A few years later, the British parliament passed a number of laws, which are deemed unfair for the Americans. This prompted all colonies except Georgia to convene for the first time as the First Continental Congress to create a unified stand against unfair British policies and laws. Violence erupted elsewhere which were met by British forces. One of these events was the Boston Massacre wherein they fired into a mob. The confrontations escalated into a military conflict to the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first of the battles between the British and Americans. These battles prompted all of the thirteen colonies to again convene as the Second Continental Congress to direct the American war efforts and they appointed George Washington to lead and organize the army and finally on the 4th of July, they declared the independence of America.
The Continental Congress provided the venue for different personalities coming from the colonies to pursue their own interests. But in the end, they were able to see that they have common interests and saw themselves as one people. During the First Continental Congress, they tried to push for reforms and the repealing of the laws but they were neglected. Situations worsen and it went to a full-scale rebellion against Great Britain. Eventually, they saw that they cannot pursue these interests as different colonies but should act as one and it was only through independence from British rule that it can be achieved. It was their inevitable choice. This was further strengthened by the framing of the Articles of Confederation by the Continental Congress and became as the first charter of the government. Although it wasn't until 1891 when all of the 13 colonies approved it, it was one step ahead of creating the United States of America.
The Continental Congress also faced a lot of setbacks. One of these was due to the differences of the colonies interests, it cannot be avoided that they present different views and proposals. An example was the option to just reconcile with Great Britain and propose reforms. But because the war is ongoing and it really stirred American patriotism, only a few supported this stance and still opted to continue the war and eventually declaring their independence.

2. Discuss the costs and benefits of the American Revolution Who had the most to gain The most to lose Was the American ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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