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Public Administration Policy AnalysisAnalytical that will analyze and make a recommendation on a policy issueNATIONAL POPULATION CONTROL - Research Paper Example

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Population and the increase in population is one of the major problems in countries like United States. The increase in the population has been drastic and the government finds it difficult to cope up with the existing situation. Countries like America go through a tough phase and most of the population control mechanisms do not work efficiently…
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Public Administration Policy AnalysisAnalytical paper that will analyze and make a recommendation on a policy issueNATIONAL POPULATION CONTROL
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Download file to see previous pages Increase in the population generally has a very great impact on the country. It leads to various other problems in education and employment. People do not get an opportunity to select the educational institution that they prefer. This subsequently affects their employment. Employment has become a big issue since the numbers of educated people are more when compared to other countries. The U.S nationals are deprived of their chances due to the increase in the immigration.
Population control is the major concern of any country. The governments of almost all the countries around the world try their best to control the population though there are various population control techniques; the lack of co-operation leaves the policies ineffective. Population control cannot be achieved overnight and the government and other public service organizations must implement unique population control mechanism. (Mosher, 2008).The importance of population control has been realized over the past few years and almost all the countries struggle hard to control the population. United States is one among the countries which has taken up this issue seriously. Due to the various external factors, the American government has proposed new ideas that can control the population.
The current population in U.S is more than 30 crores and there...
(Haub, 2008).
The current population in U.S is more than 30 crores and there has been an increase in the fertility rate when compared to the past. When compared to the 20th century the population in U.S has tripled and the census has revealed the fact that U.S population cannot be controlled instantaneously. (Dexter, 2009).
There are various issues that have contributed to the increase in the population. The immigration, increase in the fertility rate and the lack of sex education are the major reasons for the increase in the population. The various issues with their respective alternatives are discussed below.
Immigration is one of the main reasons for the increase in the U.S population. There has been an enormous increase in the number of people who emigrate from other parts of the world. The development in the science and technology has grabbed the attention of many and people prefer U.S when compared to the other states. U.S has been one among the best places for the students to pursue their higher education. These people who pursue their education gradually settle down in U.S as soon as they get a suitable job. This in turn adds to the population and this also has a disadvantage. The natives of U.S are deprived of their chances in education and employment. (Haines, 2000).
A survey that was conducted by the U.S Census Bureau reveals that the number of immigrants in the year 2005 was around 1.4milliion. This research also shows that the number of people who immigrate to U.S in the year 2050 will be around 2.1 million per year. This clearly states that the immigrants play a major part in the U.S population and the decrease in the number of immigrants will prove to be a relief. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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