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Marketing an Online Casino - Essay Example

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Online casino is an internet platform on which rich people gather together for gambling. The domain is a private company. For a potential person to register in the domain, first he needs to get invitation from the company. This limit set for the registration is solely to permit only very rich clients to register in the domain…
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Marketing an Online Casino
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Download file to see previous pages Another method that can be applied for making the potential customers aware about the domain is to prepare a mailing list of the rich clients to foreword the invitation to them. So it is a crucial issue in front of the company to prepare an appropriate mailing list. Proper inspection while creating the mailing list will help the company to focus on the highly potential clients. Campaigning through emails is of higher relevance for the company. "An attractive email marketing campaign can open up new avenues of communication with site clients, vendors, prospective advertisers and your online community in general." (Email Campaign Marketing. 2006).
Marketing of the domain is a hectic job for the company. The customers expected by the company are very rich people. The rich people cannot easily be contacted by the company as they will be busy most of the time. The company needs to develop a close relation with such customers. For that the executives of the company must meet the prospective customers personally. This is, however, not always possible. In most of the cases a person needs to take appointment to meet them. For this the executives must first collect the contact numbers and addresses of the rich persons. This can be available from the showrooms of expensive cars, already existing casino's etc. After collecting the contact details they should be called upon to fix the date. They must be made aware of the features of the casino.
Some other clients can be met from the venue where they are supposed to be present for some functions. Example: Sam Walton can be met from the venue of Val Mart's general meeting, Tom Cruise can be met from his shooting site, and Britney Spears can be met at the venue of her music concert and so on.
The usual strategies employed by most of the domains for internet advertisement are affiliate marketing, search engine optimisation, web banner, campaigning through emails and news letters and pay per click campaigns. Here the primary motive of the company is to invite rich customers to join the casino. Registration is provided by the company only if they are invited. Therefore, the company cannot employ the usual e-business marketing strategies. Among the common strategies the company can adopt only campaigning through emails and web banner for their market positioning. Rest of the strategies are irrelevant from the company's perception.
Web banner: Web banner is one of the most efficient methods of internet advertising. In this, a banner displaying images is placed on the home page of popular websites or on any other webpage so that the users who visit those websites are informed about the domain. Banner with images displaying in flash player are the most common type of such advertisements used at present. It is usually placed on the website that is mostly visited by the users. This is a highly efficient method of advertisement as the banners are easily seen by the users.
The company can use this strategy only to publicise the casino. For this purpose the company should place the banner in those websites that the richer groups are expected to visit. These sites are generally the websites of any online portal for sale of highly expensive commodities. There are certain other websites where one can register for the order of any such product. An example for such kind of website ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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