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Australian Law Protection for E-pBusiness - Essay Example

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To what extent do you consider the means provided in Australian Law to protect individual invention to be sufficient Your answer should make reference to your own experiences, whether personally or in employment"
The Patents Act 1990 and the Plant Breeders Rights Act 1994 are two laws that are used to protect intellectual property (IP) in Australia…
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Australian Law Protection for E-pBusiness
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Extract of sample "Australian Law Protection for E-pBusiness"

Download file to see previous pages Inventions are products that are 'novel' and different from other things that have already been made or that are known about. As with copyright, under patent law, an invention must be in some physical form: an idea in itself cannot be protected. As Australia moves from an industrial to an information society, it is clear that commerce will increasingly take place in an electronic or cyber world as opposed to a physical one. Accordingly, no firm today can ignore the issue of electronic commerce (e-commerce), and this realization has had a significant impact on Australian business, be it domestic or export. The most obvious development of e-commerce is the growth of business on the Internet where, according to an IBM advert, Every month 53,000 new servers connect to the Internet. That's 1.2 servers per minute going on-line. And the scary part is, this is only the beginning. In line with this, according to the Federal government's Australian Multimedia Enterprise, the number of business web sites in Australia is set to jump from 30,000 to over 250,000 in the next few years. The focus of this paper is e-business on the Internet (Clark & Hoyle) The Company which I have chosen for my study is Anime International with a wide range of internet and broadcast viewing.
Anime International:
Executive Summary:
Anime International primary risk involves around the nature of its business, which is in the area of internet business; this leads to business risk exposure in the area of breaches of Intellectual property (IP) through the competitors accessing the IP through the employees and through inappropriate use of client IP by employees. A business needs to develop a more strategic, integrated approach to protect their IP and to better commercially exploit their IP portfolios. As well, they must make use of the information and knowledge which other firms and organizations have already generated. Australian businesses are 'wising up' to the real value of their IP portfolios. By developing and incorporating IP strategies into their business plans, they are protecting their competitive advantage for today, and ensuring their company's financial success well into the future! IP Australia is able to offer general advice on IP and protection strategies, but cannot provide advice specific to your business. (IP Australia) Thus the law does not provide sufficient means to protect IP or individual invention.
Introduction to Anime International
Anime International Inc. has been operating since 2001. The main service provided by Anime International is an online retailer of Japanese Animation related products to customers worldwide from orders placed online at
Anime International, Inc. has positioned itself as one of the largest Anime Suppliers Online. Anime International, Inc. is an authorized selling agent for licensed manufacturers and distributors of Japanese Animation merchandise around the world. They have been established globally for many years and have built up a strong reputation over time as industry leaders in the service they provide. Products distributed include: Dvds and Music; Manga and Books; Toys and Figures; Art Work; Cards and Games; and other merchandise such as accessories, jewelry, and even kitchenware. The company sells over 10,000 diverse products in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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