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The Awakening by Kate Chopin - Book Report/Review Example

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When one thinks of The Awakening by Kate Chopin, a story of a women trying to free herself from the shackled of society comes to mind. Edna was a women trying to free herself from the women hating culture of the time, and trying to escapes and be her own. Kate Chopin writes the book as a piece of feminist literature, and by doing so totally ignores the needs of the other male characters of the book…
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The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Download file to see previous pages... If you look closely, one can find the exact opposite of what Chopin intended, a case for male oppression by a female, something most feminists would not want in their work at all.
If you read the Awakening, you may not pick up on it. In fact, you may glance right over the fact. Who would suspect to see something about women's oppression over men in such a pro-feminism book Look a little more closely, and the story of Leonce Pontellier comes into focus. During this huge period of change within Edna, how did she act towards her unknowing husband Oh, yeah. Not only was Edna committing adultery on her poor husband, she was running around town chasing after another man. It was only Robert himself who was able to stop Edna from committing further physical adultery against her husband, who had been kind and trusting enough to have let Edna alone as she wished.
Also, when Edna started acting strange, the first thing Leonce did was try to get her help. When talking to the doctor, all he wanted was to make sure Edna would be ok, and he was willing to do anything he could to make sure she was comfortable and happy. He tells the doctor how he didn't want to "quarrel or be rude to a women" and how he felt like "ten thousand devils" at getting upset with her (page 86). Are these the words of a women hating oppressive snob No, they are the words of a caring, worried husband. And how were these sentiments returned She walked all over his trust and compassion, and ended up taking her own life, leaving him alone.
So, while Edna may have been oppressed by the suffocating women hating culture of the time, she was taking her own share in the emotional suppression of her innocent caring husband.
I think anyone can agree with that one. While Edna may have been oppressed, that didn't make it right for her to make man the "fellow victim", and oppress the very people she was trying to be liberated from.
Seeing the paradox here Kate Chopin may not admit it, but she ended up portraying the exact opposite of what she really intended to. In a feminist piece of literature, written to put women on a altar, and to raise the rallying cry, one can actually discern from Chopin's words
Kate Chopin uses this book to try to exemplify the needs of women, and their oppression by men; however she totally ignores the other side of the argument. She does not take into account the other side of the story at all, and totally slants her portrayal of her female characters in her book. While there is some merit to her claims, her claims are typical of the feminist nature, to only see one side, and to seek oppression over men instead of their self proclaimed and preached freedom.
Chopin would have us think different however. Because as any good women should know, men cannot function on their own. They would be shocked to see a man cook, clean, or even do any sublime task that was not sitting in front of the television vegetating. To see men display intelligence, in small matters, or in large ones, now that is simply shocking isn't it
Now I like TV. as much as the next guy. However, I also take cooking classes, perform just as well, if not better than most of the girl's in my classes, but still the stereotype stands. The stereotypical man is a lazy, obese man, sleeping on the recliner passed out, and anything the rest of us try to do about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Awakening by Kate Chopin
This does not however, mean that this paper totally nullifies the potential for revolution that The Awakening carries. Edna’s affairs with other men shall be looked into and how far enabling such a move on her part, actually is, and how far it plays into the prevailing norms of the time.
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The novel portrays the views on femininity and motherhood against the prevailing social attitudes at the time. Indeed, it was fundamental in initiating early feminism, thus generating mixed reactions from the society. In compiling the report, I will discuss how the novel reflects upon and challenge the limiting cultural stereotypes of women's personalities in the 19th century.
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Kate Chopin effectively uses her story to portray New Orleans and its environs, Louisiana’s Creole society and the gender stereotypes of the late nineteenth century. This make “The Awakening” a valuable interpretation of its historical period.
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Kate Chopins The Awakening
Thus, the ardent ideologies of the writers are beautifully decorated and powerfully conveyed by the literary elements such as plot, characterization, style, symbolism etc. In American literature, Kate Chopin received immense recognition through her efforts in favor of women's issues, and her writings transmit feminist ideologies through her literary devices.
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Kate Chopin's The Awakening
An analysis of Kate Chopin's "The Awakening" exploring the writer's talent for using the bird as a symbol in portraying feminism and independence in the novel's main character, Edna Pontellier. The Awakening explores many rites of passage for the main character, Edna Pontellier, using symbols as vehicles to convey feminism and independence 
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Awakening by Kate Chopin
The open discussion of emotional and sexual needs of women in the novel had a shocking impact on the readers of her time and was eventually not received well. But after some fifty years, people began to view the novel in a new angle accepting the notions of female sexuality and equality thus promoting the work as a classic.
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The Awakening by Kate Chopin
The focus is on Edna’s experimentation with freedom, which allows her to express he sexual aspects in a world where women are largely encouraged to avoid doing so. As such, one of the key themes represented throughout this book is the freedom of expression from a feminist’s perspective, and the concept of male domination.
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