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Argumentative Why Gay Marriages Should Not Be Permitted - Essay Example

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Gay marriage has become a legalized and socially recognized marriage union between two persons of the same biological gender. This marriage union goes in support of homosexuality, which involves sexual behaviour between organisms of the same sex or gender instead of the natural phenomena of people of opposite sex attracted or involved with each other…
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Argumentative Essay Why Gay Marriages Should Not Be Permitted
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Argumentative Why Gay Marriages Should Not Be Permitted

Download file to see previous pages... Now, it is being altered by more liberal and modern generation as a union between two people having the customary but usually not the legal force of marriage. I believe the former is not an orthodox or conservative view but a meaningful and reasonable implication carrying great weight. My opinion is supported by.
The concept of same-sex marriages simply weakens the definition and respect for the divine institution of marriage. Marriage is not a joke but a life-time commitment and same-sex marriages fail to last longer. It is said that same-sex male couples are more likely to divorce within eight years, and female couples were one hundred sixty-seven times more likely than traditional couples to divorce. It is an unnatural concept and unless a great deal of effort is not put in, it's hard to maintain or stabilize marriage by gay couples. I don't think that homosexuality is an inborn trait, but a chosen behaviour that does not deserve special protection under the law. Biologically speaking, it makes sense that only a man and woman can procreate.
When looked at from a religious point of view, homosexuality is considered as a sin and so are same-sex marriages. In Islam, homosexuality is the most looked upon and disgraceful conduct in the eyes of Allah. This is proved in the Holy book of Quran, which is a foremost foundation of Islamic law. The people of Hazrat Loot (prophet of God) practised the act of sodomy shamelessly. Allah punished them for their perverted act. Angel Hazrat Jibra'eel lifted their entire city into the sky, inverted them and brought them crashing down onto earth upside down, boulders and rocks rained down upon them from the sky crushing them to non existence. "We also (sent) Loot: he said to his people: "Do you commit immorality such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you For you practise your lusts on men in preference to women: you are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds." (Surah al- Araf, 7/80-84). "That He did create in pairs- male and female, (The Noble Quran, 53:45)"
The Bible also condemns same-sex marriages. In Leviticus 18:22, the LORD commands not to be a gay. "'Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable" ( New International Version) "You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination" (American Standard Bible). In Leviticus, the Bible commands to kill the gay!
Gay-marriages can have deleterious effects on children and family structures. Children will be born confused having no good role models in the form of parents. They will either have two mothers or two fathers. The parents will have difficulty in fulfilling the duties of both father and mother required for decent upbringing of children. The culture and values start to crumble, by introducing another form of "family". However, those who advocate gay marriages would oppose this view by saying that is perhaps too early to comment without enough evidence.
This is true that anyone can have a blessing like children, like for example infertile couples can even produce through unnatural ways and no government, power or authority can stop them but it is a little different in the case of gay couples. Same-sex marriage couples are more prone to diseases like HIV and AIDS. It has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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