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Environmentalism Today - Essay Example

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The human civilization is dependent on the nature for its existence and well-being. However, the humans from the advent of the civilization have abused the nature and environment. The basic laws of nature have not been followed and with the advent of the civilization and economy, the environment has come under threat…
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Environmentalism Today
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Download file to see previous pages However, man has increasingly become involved in the growth of economic activities and has paid little heed to the protection of the nature. The natural resources have been exploited for economic gains and the world today faces a serious problem of degradation of the environment. This issue has assumed importance because of the fact that exploitation of the environment has led to the danger of destruction of the civilization. The political world has gauged the gravity of the situation and has been rallying hard to protect the environment from destruction. The political world is the authority in the modern world to introduce and alter policies regarding any changes in system. The political world consists of political parties who are influential in the implementation of laws in the social system. The political parties control the democracies in the world. Therefore, the political parties in effect have the responsibility of controlling the policies regarding the protection of environment. (Ryan, 2006)
The paper deals in the relation between the security of the environment and the politics in the modern world. It is a fact that the political parties are trying relentlessly in making the issue of guarding the environment an important one. The paper will look explore the subject in detail.
It is a well-known fact that the existence of mankind i...
The nature has provided us with all that is needed for existence. The destruction of the nature will therefore lead to the destruction of mankind. The earth is influenced by biodiversity- the variation of life in an ecosystem. Biodiversity is an important reason for our existence and it is also responsible for supplying us with the basic needs like food, water and air. It has been influential in making the earth a suitable place to live in and has also made it beautiful. It has an intrinsic value to mankind with all its variation of plants and species. It has an important effect in creating economic value to mankind. Research has proved that all the species of nature are equally important to mankind and thus have to be conserved. The extrinsic importance of biodiversity stems from the economic value it gives to the mankind. Biodiversity has made it possible for mankind to gain economic benefits as it provides goods which can be extracted or grown and then can be sold or valued. It has made possible for man to grow agricultural products, which is the basis for food supply all over the world. The extraction of minerals like coal and oil is also a product of biodiversity. The activity of extraction from the nature has grown to be one of the most important economic activities over the world and some of the minerals extracted are the driving force of the modern economy. The ecosystem consisting of air, water, land, climate etc. are indispensible for the existence of humans and the value provided by it cannot be quantified in monetary terms. Some economists attempted to measure the value of the ecosystems. They found out that the value of these ecosystems run to over $3 trillion. The value is greater than the total GNP of the modern world. Thus, it is clear that it is not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Environmentalism Today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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