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Gas prices - Essay Example

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America's lifeline is gasoline. It is observed that vehicles for personal use alone consume 65 gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel annually. This number is believed to enhance by 2.6 percent every year. The galloping prices of gas are down one month and shoot up next before escalating to over 30 percent…
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Gas prices
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The economy of the United States has witnessed four major shocks in connection with the oil price which occurred during 1973-74, 1979-80, 1990-91, NS 1999-2000 with a time span of 25 years. There was a unanimous view among the analysts that holding of energy independently would be the pivotal factor for designing a relevant National energy policy. If higher energy efficiency is mastered the aftermath of the oil price shock on the economy can be controlled. This effect has been proved for the year 1999-2000 where the oil price shock had a negligible effect on the economy when compared to the recent past. The candidates for the presidential campaign brought to light the necessity for greater American energy independence and expressed the idea of less dependence on oil import. Even though the United States has a hold to effect the gas price, it is to be understood that the market is not national but international. The American energy policy proves to be relatively undeterred force of supply and demand which allowed constituting the prices for various energy sources. The public consumption of the energy source is also effected through this policy. The prices that are thought to be particularly sticky are wage contracts, publication subscriptions and items from catalogues. (Labonte; Makinen, 2000)
The totally market based national energy policy argues that the market prices may blend all the relevant costs to the individual it may exempt the cause that are relevant to the nation. It is important to note that the prices may fall short to bring in a premium that would counteract any unwarranted foreign influence on the foreign and domestic policies of the United States. In the end, since the oil supply shocks are fickle and less anticipated market prices can soar high when they occur. So when this jerk disrupts, as in the past, it will have a considerable effect on Gross Domestic Product -- GDP, employment and inflation. Oil being an inevitable ingredient in the production and transit of most goods, naturally an oil price hike will affect the cost of production for the producers. This effect will also be shunned by products which use supplementary energy sources since those prices would have also experienced a hike. Thus the supply shock decreases an economic output and increases the price level in a short run.
If there is flexibility in the prices then the producers could reduce input prices such as wages excluding the total output and total price level. Only then, there would be no decline in output or hike in the price level. But when sticky prices persist then producers have no other alternative than to lower the rest of the input prices quickly which would result on a price hike that would affect the consumers. The consequence would be the rate of output is lowered as people decide to buy fewer goods, the prices being higher. Price of labor would be compensated with some employers signed off. So with fewer workers, only a lesser output is produced, so a rise in the price of oil and the inefficacy of other prices to accommodate temporarily results in the reduction of the rate of growth of output that is produced by an economy. (Labonte; Makinen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gas Prices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Why are gas prices inflated the consumption. b. Citigroup reported that in May 2006, it noticed close to 120 billion USD in US commodity markets. A survey in the market found that 30.3 billion USD in natural gas, 30.1 billion USD in crude oil and 13.3 billion USD in gold was the realm of speculative positions in the commodity market. (Committee on Homeland Security) Goldman Sachs state that natural gas prices is also affected by crude oil prices. Speculators contributed to roughly 7 USD per barrel in 2004. During this period crude oil prices were in the range of 35-40 USD per barrel. Thus speculators had managed to boost the oil price by about 20%. (Committee on...
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Lower Gas Prices In America $2.77 on Monday, this is according to the auto club AAA analysis. The drop in prices should be a key boost in an era when growth abroad is faltering even though it may curb investment in the expanding energy sector. According to the IMF chief on Monday, she said that the falling oil prices will be of help in boosting the economies in the U.S and across the world. Lagarde also projected the U.S economy to grow at a 3.5% rate as at next year (Timiraos, 2014). The lowering of gas prices in America means that the people will have more to spend. It is apparent that Americans will have a bounteous Christmas due to the Saudi discounts from crude oil at a time of falling...
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The relation of inflation within a society with the ever-changing oil and gas prices is pretty much significant and one must understand that there is a strong bond present between the two. This strong linkage allows for prices to shoot up whenever there is a sudden upward trend experienced in the oil and gas prices and whenever the gold rates have increased on the global front. With so much at stake and economies coming to a standstill with the uprising trend in the oil and gas prices on a global level, one can only expect problems coming to the fore of the common man and woman present on the street. The worst possible explanation given by experts in the field of oil and gas prices’ regimes is that these are done to benefit...
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... to wholesale markets. Three major problems arose in introducing competition into the gas market: 1. Permitting equal access to the network 2. Avoiding price discrimination 3. Ensuring that gas supplies were available to newcomers Access pricing, network separation and unbundling In a vertically integrated network utility, access pricing is a key issue. To consider the access pricing problem The underlying problem that was identified when attempting to introduce competition into the gas industry is that, in any regime in which the owner of a common facility that competitors must use to take their product to market also sells the product to consumers (and produces it as well), the conditions for effective competition cannot exist...
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Market failure is defined as the inefficient allocation of resources by the market, the free market is considered to optimally prices and resources in the production of goods and services, and this is because the price and quantity produced are determined by market forces which include the demand and the supply. The control of prices by a firm or an organization in the market results in market failure, therefore OPEC leads to market failure due to its nature in the market.

OPEC was formed in 1960 by 5 oil-producing countries which include Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran and Iraq, The aim of this organization was to unify petroleum-producing countries in order to realize fair and stable prices of oil .other oil-pro...
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In the incident, a toxic gas called methyl isocyanate (MIC) weighing around 42 tonnes was released into a city with a population estimated at 500,000 people. The incident was devastating: the immediate death toll was 2,259 people. Generally, it is estimated that 8,000 people died in the first two weeks and more than 8,000 died later from gas-related complications. It is believed this is the worst industrial incident of the recent past.
The Union Carbide India was a company that produced carbonyl pesticide, which is an intermediate product of methyl isocyanate. The methyl isocyanate is a toxic material but cheaper compared to other raw materials that could have been used. However, the chemical involved in this incident was a c...
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The number of factors or attributes desired from the vendor is vast, and different organizations and different industries place different importance on the attributes (Sonmat, 2006). Some of the vendor attributes may gain importance owing to the nature of the industry, for example, in the case of consumer perishables suppliers, like fresh vegetables or fruits, the buying firm would...
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...U.S. Oil and Gas Exploration Prudent Development U.S. Oiland Gas Exploration Prudent Development Introduction Awareness regarding the significance of environmental issues is currently central to the thoughts of the oil and gas industry, as well as regulators. The integration of the environment and development is the theme of many stakeholder meetings between environmental agencies and oil and gas industries. International bodies are also part of this conversation; for instance, the United Nations Environmental Program headquartered in Kenya held a conference in Rio in 1992. Part of the declaration principles pointed to the fact that sustainable development is solely dependent on environmental protection. Such declarations aim...
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