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Marketing Strategies of Starbucks - Case Study Example

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Starbucks has concentrated on opening another store in London, United Kingdom, which is situated on Central Street. It has retail, office and storage space. Rail train station is only one meter away. Since the area is full of retail activities, it has many direct competitors such as Dunkin Donuts, Costa Coffee and local coffeehouses (Boone & Kurtz, 258,2008).
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Marketing Strategies of Starbucks
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Download file to see previous pages Allegra conducted a survey of more than six thousand consumers and it was found out that Starbucks concentrated on customer satisfaction, maintained ethics and treated its suppliers fairly (Holmes, 49, 2007). Starbucks has concentrated on following the rules and regulations of United Kingdom. At the same time, it has concentrated on corporate social responsibility.
Starbucks in extremely popular among all consumer segments because it concentrates on giving the best coffee and create an enthralling experience for them. At the same time, it treats both employees and customers well. In China, Starbucks had succeeded integrating the local and American culture in order to create an enchanting experience for them (Miller & Sanders, 25, 2008).
Starbucks has opened more than one thousand international outlets in more than eight hundred locations. In the United Kingdom, Starbucks needs to expand its presence as it might be possible that consumers may turn to other beverages.
Although Starbucks has successfully become the leader in the branded coffee provider and coffee house domain, it still faces competition from its competitors. In United Kingdom, its competitors include local coffee outlets, Caribou Coffee, Dunkin Donuts, Costa Coffee, etc. ...
Although Starbucks has successfully become the leader in the branded coffee provider and coffee house domain, it still faces competition from its competitors. In United Kingdom, its competitors include local coffee outlets, Caribou Coffee, Dunkin Donuts, Costa Coffee, etc. To maintain its position, Starbucks will concentrate on meeting the demands of customers (Zeithaml, 74, 2000).
Starbucks has now decided to open its first store in Beijing, in China, which is located in Park Towers Shopping Mall. It has both retail and space storage and is located in the heart of shopping activities (Strehle & Cruickshank, 201, 2007)
PEST analysis
Political Factors
In order to survive in the Chinese market, Starbucks needs to follow the rules and regulations of the government. At the same time, it would concentrate on customer satisfaction and maintain ethics. It will also concentrate maintaining its social corporate responsibility (Zackfta, 89, 2007).
Economical Factors
Starbucks is relatively a new concept in China. For this purpose, it will concentrate on introducing new products with local taste, in order to target all consumer segments. It would concentrate on integrating local and western culture in order to generate revenues by winning customers.
Social Factors
Starbucks must concentrate on introducing new products, which would have local taste in order to win the consumers in China.
Technological Factors
Starbucks strives for constant innovation and development of new products and services. It would employ Starbucks Card and Blue Martini management system in order to retain its customers.
Entry Strategy
Starbucks would concentrate on entering the China market in order to promote, publicize and campaign for its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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